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CIE 2023 Summit

The Premier EU Cycling Industry Event of the Year Returns on 9 March, 2023 in Brussels

CIE Summits are a “must-attend” occasion for cycling industry leaders and policy-makers, marked as the top annual event to show how bicycle companies are contributing to a greener and healthier Europe and for understanding the key policy topics that will influence our industrial strategies.

This year, our focus will be on a European Cycling Strategy. We believe cycling is the solution to some of the most pressing challenges Europe is facing today, from providing zero carbon mobility to our cities and helping to fight against the climate emergency, to growing a resilient economy with 2 million green jobs by 2030. We want to see more bikes made in Europe and a thriving cycling industry accelerating green and digital transition in Europe.

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08 Mar CIE Members' Day 2023

Scotland House, Rond-Point Robert Schuman 6, 1040 Bruxelles

After the great success of last year, we'll be hosting an entire day exclusively dedicated to CIE Members.

You will have the opportunity to get updates, market insights and outcomes on all CIE Expert Groups: Sustainability, Cargo Bike Cycle Logistics, Connected Cycling, ITS & MaaS, Market Impact and Intelligence, Cycling Innovation Network, Bike Sharing, Women in Cycling, Supply Chain and Mountain Bike Initiatives. You will have the possibility to contribute with feedback on the work carried out so far and with new ideas for the future! Lunch for the Members Day will be provided.

Check out the full programme here!

Note: Members' Day is exclusive to CIE Members. Not a CIE Member? Get in touch and become a member today!


Online Event

As 2023 gets underway, Cycling Industries Europe is launching a new series of open webinars dedicated to showcasing innovation in exciting cycling industry segments.

First up: Cargo bikes! The potential to create various storage compartments and novel bike frames alone seems pretty endless. But our webinar will screen the innovation horizon beyond the cargo bike itself: we want to see how cargo bikes offer highly fertile ground for new types of services, from delivery to digital, and from financial to customisable.

Cargo bike entrepreneurs and supporters will be on hand to tell us about their solutions to make sure the potential of cargo bikes to transform urban mobility and logistics is fully exploited, and showcase the innovation behind cargo bike manufacturing, new sales’ models, transforming mindsets and facilitating ownership.

  • Getting you the cargo bike, when you need it: the shared cargo bike with Jaron Borensztajn, Co-Founder, Cargoroo
  • “EU Made” cargo bikes: designing, welding, painting and assembling cargo bikes to order in Poland, with Pawel Raja, Co-Founder, Urvis Bike
  • Changing the urban logistic mindset: training, advice and deliveries with Renaud Sarrazin, Co-Founder, Urbike
  • Making cargo bikes affordable: benefits of leasing using a practical example, with Thomas Schmidt, Sales, JobRad

CIE Cycling Innovation Network Webinars  are completely free and open to non-members. If you are curious about innovation in the cycling industry, the potential of cargo bikes or the transformation of urban logistics, this webinar is for you.

Tune in on 23 February at 16 CET for a 90 minute session dedicated to cargo bike innovation!

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BITS Final Conference

Zwolle, the Netherlands

The final event for the BITS project, held in person, will conclude four years of Europe’s first and only cycling specific ITS project. Bringing together project partners and stakeholder from the cycling and ITS communities, the Conference will inform participants about the objectives of the project, its successes from the implementation of projects throughout the North Sea Region, as well as lessons learned and where we can go from here. The Conference and Pre-Conference activities will be held in Zwolle, the Netherlands, on 15th and 16th of November 2022.

Participation in the Conference (including Cycling Tour and Pre-Conference Dinner) is free of charge. Deadline for registration is 4 November 2022.

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CIE 2022 General Assembly & Members' Meeting

Video Conference

CIE welcomes members to this year's General Assembly & Members' Meeting on Thursday, 27 October at 3PM CEST.

The main purpose of the meeting is to give CIE members an update on the emerging opportunities for cycling companies active in Europe, in particular an EU Cycling Declaration which is expected in early 2023.

We warmly invite all staff of CIE-member companies to attend, so please feel free to invite any colleagues who may want to learn more about the work of CIE. It's very important that each member company sends at least one delegate to the meeting so we can have a full participation in the General Assembly and the Members’ Meeting.

Note: This is a CIE member only event, registration is mandatory

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Sustainability Breakfast at Eurobike: Setting the scene for a sustainable cycling industry

Fair Frankfurt, Room Transparency 2 Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1 60327 Frankfurt am Main Germany

Join us for a CSR & Sustainability Breakfast, hosted by CIE and CONEBI, to learn about hot topics and industry-wide initiatives our industry experts are working on!

We all know that a bicycle is a green product but it is time for our production and supply chains to follow suit. This is why our CIE/CONEBI CSR & Sustainability Expert Group developed a bold vision to support and inspire the bicycle industry. We're working on topics such as circular economy, guidelines for CO2 & LCA’s, critical raw materials, responsible supply chain, battery collection systems, recycled aluminum and much more.

Note: Limited spots available! Read more and register with the link below.

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01 - 12 Cycling Industries Europe 2022 Summit

KVS - Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg 7 Quai aux Pierres de Taille 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

CIE 2022 Summit: the premier EU cycling industry event of the year

CIE 2022 Summit will be showcasing how cycling is revolutionising urban mobility in Europe. In particular, the focus will be on new business models and on the opportunities and challenges of the cycling industry. We will also be debating on how to make the European industrial base stronger, which is much needed to ensure the stability of supply and growing independence in key materials and components. See the full Summit agenda here.

CIE 2022 Summit gathers business leaders to talk about the latest industrial developments from innovation and sustainability to market intelligence. We have a great line-up of speakers including high-level keynotes, CEO’s panel, business leaders, European policy makers, academics and industry experts debating current trends, innovation, leadership, and vision for 2030.

Ahead of the Summit, we are also organising a members-only pre-event on 11 May. There, not only will you have the chance to do face-to-face networking with other member companies, but also participate at CIE’s Expert Group Open Day to discuss and interact on topics such as CSR & Sustainability, Cargo Bike Cycle Logistics, Connected Cycling and ITS, Market Impact and Intelligence, Cycling Innovation Network, Bike Sharing, MaaS and Women in Cycling. This will be followed by networking drinks and dinner.

We look forward to seeing you on 11-12 May in Brussels!

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04 - 28 CIN Webinar: Launch of the First Smart Cycling Directory


Cycling's Digital Revolution Captured

Register and join CIE’s Cycling Innovation Network (CIN) upcoming webinar on Thursday, 28 April at 4PM CEST, dedicated to the launch of the BITS Products and Services Directory.

We're bringing together innovators and policy experts to discuss the smart cycling revolution, and how the products and services in this field can be more easily and efficiently procured and deployed on the ground.

Tap into the Ecosystem for Connected Cycling

The BITS Directory is a one-of-a-kind tool for the cycling industry, serving to develop a full ecosystem for connected cycling. It does so by connecting the developers and innovators of cycling-specific technology with public authorities or other businesses.

For companies: the Directory provides a showcase for pioneering technology, enabling greater visibility for procurement and tendering opportunities by public authorities.

For cities and governments: the Directory is a procurement tool kit that facilitates a clearer picture of exactly what is currently available in the connected cycling market.

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01 - 30 CIN Webinar: Recruiting More Women in the Cycling Industry


How can we make the cycling industry more diverse? Why is it important to enhance gender equality within all levels of our sector?

Join the Women in Cycling Network and CIE's Cycling Innovation in the upcoming webinar, Recruiting More Women in the Cycling Industry. With a panel of professionals from across the cycling sector, we'll explore the main bottlenecks and changes needed to diversify the cycling industry and boost women into decision-making positions.

The session will be moderated by Till Kraemer, Headhunter & Founder of bikebusinessHUB, and Lauha Fried, Women in Cycling Representative and Policy Director at Cycling Industries Europe.

Amongst our expert panelists, we have:

  • April Marshke, Business Leader, Turbo ebikes and Merchandising, Specialized Bicycles
  • Esther van Garderen, CEO of Fietsersbond
  • Ruth Lopian, Equality Coordinator, DG Mobility and Transport, European Commission
  • Olivia Prud'hon, Human Resources Director at Fifteen

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08 - 28 CIN Webinar: Innovation Process in Large Companies


Innovation Process in Large Companies

How does the innovation process look like in large companies? Join us in CIE's Cycling Innovation Network (CIN) returning workshop series! In this session, our experts will dissect the DNA of leading innovative companies and how these elements play an integral part in enabling the innovation process.

Emerson Delcourt, Bikes Innovation Leader at Decathlon: An industrial design graduate from Rubika, Emerson's been working in sporting goods since 1996. "I started at Decathlon in 2002, taking different positions, such as Technical Director, Product Manager, Market and Process Manager, Head of Design – I strive to find and forge alternative paths to innovate products, services, organizations and management."

Niall Lavery, CEO of The Customer Bureau and Creative Director at Veriteer: Having spent the last 20 years helping the world's most iconic brands to innovate, Niall designs and runs digitized businesses that transform the market. "I have a proven track record of helping brands build, market and sell innovative products and services that improve their customers' lives. I have authored numerous popular innovation frameworks and currently lead a collection of businesses that are helping the brands of today become the brands of tomorrow."

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14 - 22 CIN Webinar: The Smart Pedal Pitch Experience


The Cycling Innovation Network Workshop Series returns!

Join the Smart Pedal Pitch Competition finalists Liz Yu (Onsee), Elke Franchois (Mobiel 21), and Lila Hammel (Geovelo) on Friday, 22 October at 4PM CET as they share their experiences of pitching live onstage at Velo-City 2021 in Lisboa.

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29 - 14 CIN Workshop Series, How to Attract Investors for Your Bike Business: The art of pitching


How to Attract Investors for Your Bike Business: The art of pitching

How does the equity funding process look like? What are investors looking for? How do you pitch your business to real investors?

Join us in CIE's Cycling Innovation Network (CIN) fourth edition of CIN's webinar series. This time, we'll be focusing on both sides of the pitch: viewpoints from the investor and the company.



16:00 - 16:10 Welcome & Introduction – Till Kraemer, Headhunter & Investment Matchmaker in the Bike Industry

16:10 - 16:25 The 5 key stages of equity funding - a short introduction to the funding rounds and investors – Anders Hedgren, Senior Advisor at MCF Corporate Finance

16:25 - 16:45 How to pitch to real investors – Ruth Cremer, Entrepreneur and Pitch Expert

16:45 - 17:00 Q&As


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CIE Member-Only Webinar

Join us for the third edition of the Cycling Innovation Network's Workshop Series, The Entrepreneur's Journey: From the Kitchen Table to a Successful and Well-Funded Business.

In this session, we'll hear from two leading cycling technology and data companies, who will share the story of their growth from idea through to successful well-funded businesses.


Irene McAleese, Co-Founder & CSO of See.Sense

Follow the See.Sense story on how Philip and Irene McAleese, a married couple who loved cycling but had no background in the cycling industry, went from having a 'bright idea' for a new type of bike light to improve cycling safety, to a product that is now used by over used by over 100,000 cyclists worldwide.

The presentation will share their journey from how first they launched their prototype on kickstarter, to raising over £1.4m in investment and then pivoting the business to B2B/C model using the sensor data insights their bike light collects. No longer just a 'bike light' company, See.Sense now also works with a mobility fleet operators to provide connected solutions for bike and scooter fleets and with leading smart cities to provide powerful sensor data insights to improve cycling safety!


Bart Visser, Co-Founder of Conneqtech

More information to follow.


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Note: You must be a CIE member in order to attend, so please be sure to use your company email address!

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06 - 12 CIN Workshop Bridging Academia and Industry: Creating Sustainability in Your Business


Bridging Academia and Industry: Creating Sustainability in Your Business

In this exciting session, we will explore some of the potential benefits of partnering with academia and also explore sustainability within the cycling sector to illustrate some of these benefits.

We will hear from CIE Member and session co-host Pete Lillie (Presca Limited), about his company’s journey and interaction with academia and the benefits that this partnering has had. Presca set out on a mission to take back materials which were polluting the planet and to redesign them into performance sportswear that was built to last.

We will also hear from and Prof Christof Backhaus, who will discuss his work on how consumers make sense of firms’ environmentally oriented activities and Associate Prof Miles Weaver will talk about supporting industry to build for purpose, sustainability and amplify Sustainable Development Goals Impact through purposeful stakeholder relationships. Both are academics at Edinburgh Napier University and are working with session co-host and colleague Prof Geraint Florida-James on projects at the Mountain Bike Centre of Scotland (MTBCOS). Prof Geraint Florida-James will lead the session and provide an update of the knowledge transfer project that is MTBCOS.

There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get involved in the session, so we look forward to welcoming you to CIE’s Second Cycling Innovation Network Event on the 12th May 2021.


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Session Agenda

• 10mins: Prof Geraint Florida-James: MTBCOS & Edinburgh Napier University

Introduction to session: MTBCOS model of business engagement.

• 10mins: Pete Lillie (Co-Founder of Presca Sports Wear)

Presca Journey through sustainability and academia.

• 10mins: Associate Prof Miles Weaver (Edinburgh Napier University)

Supporting industry to build for purpose, sustainability and amplify Sustainable Development Goals Impact through purposeful stakeholder relationships.

• 10mins: Prof Christof Backhaus (Edinburgh Napier University)

How do consumers make sense of firms’ environmentally oriented activities in terms of creating a positive impact?

• 20mins: Panel Discussion and Q&A

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CIE’s flagship advocacy event will take place on Thursday 22 April from 3pm to 5pm CET.

CIE Summits are the high-level policy events where the leading companies of the cycling industries get together with key Brussels stakeholders. This year we will be featuring how cycling industries deliver the green recovery from climate to new green jobs and kick-starting the economy. The Summit will highlight the potential of the industry, its new innovations and growth projections for the future.

The following inspiring keynote speakers have been invited:

Matthew Baldwin, Deputy Director-General, European Commission, 100 Climate-neutral Cities by 2030

Pedro Siza Vieira, Minister of State, Economy and Digital Transition, Portugal EU Presidency

Prof. Dr. Manfred Fischedick, Scientific Managing Director of the Wuppertal Institute

Kevin Mayne, CEO of Cycling Industries Europe

For the first time ever, we will have a CEO panel featuring the leaders of the world’s top cycling companies, sharing how the industry has become one of the sectors that has led the world during the pandemic and is now planning to lead the post-pandemic green transition in Europe.

Our second panel will highlight the important role the cycling industries have in Europe’s green recovery from economic recovery and job creation to innovations and climate. Cycling is changing the way we move.

CIE’s 2021 Summit is where the cycling-led recovery starts – secure your spot and register now!

Find the full programme here.

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Women in Cycling is a new initiative for a diverse and inclusive cycling sector that contributes to achieving cycling's full potential.

Women in Cycling will be launched by CIE, ECF, Velokonzept, Mobycon and CONEBI aiming to CONEBI aiming to boost diversity in the cycling sector. We welcome all women working in cycling to join us to shape the sector forward!

The launch event will kick-off the network digitally with an inspirational and networking approach, including an opportunity for participants to talk with each other. At the event you will hear all about the network, have an opportunity to sign up to Women in Cycling Expertise Portal, meet our ambassadors and hear inspirational stories from women across the sector. See detailed programme here

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24 Jun CIE Webcast: Cycling market data & business intelligence - where are we now?


This virtual event will bring attendees up to date with the latest position of the cycling industries during the post-coronavirus period with details of Cycling Industries Europe’s (CIE) second Business Impact Survey.

It will also feature the launch of CIE’s newest Expert Group on Market Impact and Intelligence which will be a platform for companies to exchange expertise in market research, consumer behaviour and trends such as city data.

CIE will be joined by experts from other sectors such as cities and advocacy to understand how the industry can develop better market intelligence, combining expertise from multiple sources to better forecast where the growth sectors in cycling will be seen in the future.

Make sure to register, as the link to the webinar will be sent 24 hours prior by email to those registered.

Looking forward to speaking to you on the June 24th.

Until then, stay well & safe!

The CIE team

If you wish to join our newest Expert Group or CIE, contact us at info(at)

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18 Jun IMBA Europe summit: Mountain Biking in the post-COVID era


The Mountain Bike segment is a major part of the cycling industry in Europe, but it is hardly mentioned in the current discussions about cycling recovery. We need to change that and give MTB a voice. That’s why CIE is working with IMBA Europe to create a dedicated summit just for mountain biking on 18th June. This meeting is for everyone in the MTB sector – suppliers, brands, event managers and MTB centres, please inform all your contacts in the MTB sector that this event is happening. 

The aim of the summit is to provide insights on how to unlock the potential of MTB during the COVID-19 reopening process and recovery planning. Leading experts and policy makers in the fields of adventure travel, MTB tourism & trail development, outdoor recreation and the cycling industry will discuss: 

  • how MTB tourism will look post-COVID
  • how MTB's economic potential & benefits to society can be unlocked during re-opening and recovery planning
  • where MTB fits in the EU Recovery Plan and Green Deal

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11 Jun Bikesharing in the aftermath of COVID-19: A new pillar of public transport?


We are delighted to be holding a webinar on the future of bikesharing in cities post-corona, in partnership with Polis Network. 

Our distinguished panel, including mobility officials from Madrid and Brussels, as well as bike share companies and Kevin Mayne, CEO of CIE, will discuss the impact of the pandemic on different types of bike share schemes, the pros and cons of commercial versus public schemes, different and new public-private partnerships between cities and companies, smart subsidies and bike share as a potential fourth pillar of public transport. The panel will be moderated by Karen Vancluysen, Secretary General of POLIS. 

Note: the webinar is for CIE and POLIS members only. If you are not yet a CIE member, but wish to attend the webinar, contact us at info(at)

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28 Apr CIE2020 Annual Summit


CIE’s 2020 Summit will be all about how cycling industries can transform Europe’s mobility sector and massively contribute to reaching the goals set in Europe’s Green Deal. 

Note: as a result of the COVID-19 situation, we have decided to go through with our 2020 Summit online - so make sure to save the date and register!

Cycling has been chosen as one of the megatrends of the 2020’s by forward-looking players such as IKEA and Deloitte. And this is where the focus of CIE’s 2020 Summit will be. Cycling industries are the gamechangers of decarbonised Europe and at the summit the sector and its new innovations will be put in the spotlight. The work of CIE’s members is great news for our industries and great news for the planet.

Expect a high-level policy event where the leading experts of the cycling industries will get together with key Brussels stakeholders. Expect to hear about some of the latest up and coming innovations paving way towards the transition to greener and sustainable mobility. Expect buzzing networking with inspirational guests and top-notch experts from the industry. Expect an exciting line up of speakers, including Paul LeeHead of Global TMT Research at Deloitte, giving one of the keynotes of the event and EU experts who will signpost where some of the EU’s billion Euro budgets for business will be available.

For more details, see full summit agenda here

We look forward to seeing many of you (online) on 28 April!

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09 Apr CIE Member Briefing: Lessons for surviving COVID-19


The findings from CIE's Coronavirus Business Impact Survey, published on April 2nd, show an industry facing multiple challenges, but confident of survival - 95% of companies believe they are likely or very likely to survive the crisis. As most companies are currently in the "survival" stage of the crisis, this Cycling Industries Europe Essential Member Briefing will have a focus on surviving COVID-19 and its impacts on business.

The webcast will feature the following:

  • What have companies done to slow down impacts of the coronavirus on business? Which measures have worked and which not?
  • What are the main issues companies are facing?
  • What should be taken into account when applying for state aid?

CIE will provide an update on the general Coronavirus situation and the Business Impact Survey, then there will be an opportunity to exchange experiences with other members.

Make sure to register, as the link to the webinar will be sent 24 hours prior by email to those registered.

Looking forward to speaking to you on the April 9th.

Until then, stay well & safe!

The CIE team

If you wish to attend the webinar but are not a member yet, contact us at info(at)

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26 Mar CIE Member Briefing: COVID-19 business response


As the current COVID-19 outbreak is having massive repercussions on the cycling sector, Cycling Industries Europe have decided to host Member Briefing Webcasts in support of the industry. These short briefings will include:

  • a run-through of the situation economically and politically
  • an interpretation of how that affects the cycling sector
  • an overview of what to expect in the coming weeks and months, particularly in terms of government interventions on relief, recovery and funding
  • an insight on how to express your position to your government, region, chamber of commerce, suppliers and customers
  • and a follow-up on recovery actions by the EU, central and development banks, etc.

Kevin Mayne, CEO of Cycling Industries Europe, will provide a 20min briefing on these topics, followed by a Q&A during which you will be able to comment, ask questions and hear what others have on their mind. You will also have an opportunity to indicate which topics you would like us to cover in future webinars, so that we can provide the best support possible to our members. Depending on the circumstances, we will invite guest speakers to give us their expertise and recommendations for recovery.

Make sure to register, as the link to the webinar will be sent 24 hours prior by email to those registered.

Looking forward to speaking to you on the 26th March (3pm - 3:30pm).

Until then, stay well & safe!

The CIE team

If you wish to attend the webinar but are not a member yet, contact us at info(at)

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19 Feb 2nd Bicycles and ITS Academy on 'CYCLE DATA'

Provinciehuis, Koningin Elisabethlei 22, Antwerpen

Cycling Industries Europe and the Province of Antwerp together with their BITS project partners are happy to host the second BITS Cycle Data Academy in the Provincial House in Antwerp on February 19th. We welcome you for interesting talks and debates, active sessions and mutual open sharing of information. We focus on experiences on creating cycle data with different technologies, ways of data sharing and comparing in the Cycle Data Hub and discuss on how the use of ITS can increase safe and comfortable cycling. 

Expert speakers on topics like the Cycle Data Hub, Data Pilots and Technologies and the importance/role of cycle data within Mobility data are on the program. Several national and international partners will share their experience and good practices.

Anyone involved in working with cycle data technologies and cycle data, or anyone who wants to learn about the possibilities of these systems and the cycle data, is welcome to attend. Admission is free, but subscription is mandatory.  

We look forward to meeting you on 19th February 2020!

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02 Dec Cycling and Intelligent Transport Systems: Building a collaborative industry community in Smart, Digital and Connected Cycling.

Antwerp, Belgium

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Brussels, Belgium

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Barcelona, Spain

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15 Oct Europe’s first Expert Group on Cargo Bikes and Cycle Logistics

Brussels, Belgium

Thanks to the high number of expressions of interest from many companies, Cycling Industries Europe and the European Cycle Logistics Federation are holding a kick-off meeting for Europe’s first Expert Group on cargo bike and cycle logistics on 15th October in Brussels.
Industrial Expert Groups facilitate sharing of expertise, collaboration and communication between sectors and companies. The group members cooperate in identifying and addressing the main challenges in the field, striving to promote the advance of knowledge and for wider societal, policy and business benefit. Our first meeting will gather invited experts from manufacturers, suppliers and logistics companies to explore the opportunities and challenges in the cycle logistics and cargo sector and to set priorities which can become a strategic plan for the sector. Future meetings will gather selected experts to deal with the key topics. We are also fortunate to be partners in a European Funded Project which allows us to test market solutions in collaboration with 16 cities across Europe.



Graz, Austria

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Indianapolis, US

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Brussels, Belgium

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04 - 07 EUROBIKE

Friedrichshafen, Germany

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Brussels, Belgium

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Munich, Germany

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25 - 28 VELO-CITY 2019

Dublin, Ireland

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Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Eindhoven, Netherlands

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Krakov, Poland


Silkenborg, Denmark

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Taipei, Taiwan

Afternoon session: European update – CIE and CONEBI update on trends in the European markets and advocacy plans for 2019 and beyond. Followed by a networking drink. (Time and location tbc, check in at the CONEBI booth for more information)

29 March 
Morning session: 10-11am Kevin Mayne, Chief Executive, Cycling Industries Europe with Joanna Fong, Head of Communications, DHL Express Taiwan, Taipei Cycle Salon – Trends and Insights in the Cycle Logistics Sector

Afternoon session: 2-5pm Kevin Mayne, Chief Executive, Cycling Industries Europe will give a keynote speech in the panel on Future City (Session D) at Taipei Cycle Show 

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