15 May 2024

CIE is part of the exciting annual EUROBIKE conference together with our partner organisations in Frankfurt from July 2 to July 7!  Discover all sessions below and come meet the team at CIE Stand IO1, Hall 8.

Leaders’ Night, Keynote Speech On The Current State Of The Industry

When: Tuesday 2 July, starting at 17.00

Where: Portalhaus, PH Via V03, Frequenz 1 & 2 (Separate ticket needed)

On behalf of the international bicycle associations, Kevin Mayne, CEO of CIE, is invited to the stage to talk about the facts about the current state of the industry. How do the members feel and what are the prospects for the future?

Mayne talks about developments in the European market, the enormous success of the European Cycling Declaration and the future prospects for the ecosystem.

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Global Insights, What’s The Agenda For The Industry

When: Wednesday 3 July, 11.30  – 12.00

Where: Hall 8 Level 0, O02, ECOMOBILITY FORUM

Rethinking the entire bicycle ecosystem, with international industry associations being asked for their perspectives. The focus is on shaping the Asian, American, and European bicycle markets and the transformative currents that influence the global market. At the same time, transformation is identified as an important force for innovation and disruption: What is the future for established companies on the market? New emphases for enhancing the industry's innovative strength - but how?

Speakers include:

  • Tony Grimaldi, Cycling Industries Europe (CIE), President

  • Massimo Panzeri – CONEBI President, CEO Atala - What’s the trends and key issues of the industry in Europe now?

  • Jack Lin, Board member, Taiwan Bicycle Association, CEO Armor - What’s the trends and key issues of the industry in Asia now?

  • Larry Pizzi – People for Bikes, Chair of the e-bike committee, Alta Cycling Group - What’s the trends and key issues of the industry in the USA now, especially with regard to e-bikes?

  • Florian Baur, JobRad, Managing Director – The sector is being significantly strengthened in Europe by the emergence of new services and business models, what can the global industry take as key insights from these trends?

  • Emma Zwiebler – Chief Executive, WFSGI – Joint Industry response to Global Inactivity data published by the World Heath Organization.

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The European Commission’s report on the EU mobility industrial transition: What is its impact on the cycling industry? (Keynote & Panel)

When: Wednesday 3 July, 12.00- 12.40

Where: Yellow stage, Hall 8 Level 0, O02 

During this session, CONEBI will introduce the Mobility Transition Pathway (MTP) and its impact on the cycling industry. Developed by the European Commission, the MTP is a comprehensive plan consisting of specific actions and measures aimed at supporting companies’ digital and green transition and the long-term resilience and competitiveness of the cycling industrial ecosystem in Europe.

Following CONEBI’s presentation, we will moderate a short panel discussion with representatives from the EU Institutions and cycling companies. They will discuss the impact of the MTP, its implementation and the so-called “pledge phase”. The pledges will support the monitoring and assessment of the progress made by companies and associations and will represent a tool for recognising areas or initiatives that could benefit from EU-level support.

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What Is Needed to Take Sustainability of The Cycling Industry to Another Level?

When: Wednesday 3 July, 14.00 – 15.45

Where: Pink stage, Hall 8 Level 0, L02

Fireside chats with external experts followed by a big debate with industry leaders on key sustainability topics needed to make the transition happen and how to align goals globally.

Moderation of fireside chats: Jan-Willem Van Schaik, Editor-in-chief of Bike Europe

Fireside chat 1: LCA for the cycling industry: Is PEF the future and what does it mean for the cycling industry? Alicia Boyano Larriba, European Commission, DG ENV 

Fireside chat 2: Closing the loop: how to make Circularity happen?  (Speaker to be confirmed)

Fireside chat 3: Diversity makes successful business - where are we in the cycling industry? Sara Canali, CEO & Founder, SHER (Women cycling clothing brand) and a keynote speaker

Panel with frontrunning companies of the cycling industry (Decathlon, Sram, Selle Royal, Bianchi, Herrmans and reTyre - tbc) to react to fireside chats, followed by a panel discussion. 

This event is organised by CIE, CONEBI and ZIV.

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Leadership Breakfast

When: Thursday 4 July, 08.30 – 10.00

Where: Portalhaus Networking Space

The Leaders’ Breakfast - the annual gathering of industry leaders for networking and policy updates from cycling’s international trade associations. 

The top event for industry leaders is back in its usual position on Thursday morning, providing inspiration and strategic oversights for CEOs, Presidents and directors in the bike sector. This is the 11th edition of the international associations’ leadership event at Eurobike, with our proven track record for bringing together industry leaders to exchange on the main topics for growing the industry of the future.

Register now before July 2, 11:59 PM. Registration is required to ensure entry before Eurobike opens.

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Cluster Talks: Understanding Cycling As An Economic Booster (Panel)

When: Thursday 4 July, 12.00 - 12.30

Where: Pink Stage, Hall 8 Level 0, L02 

What role do industrial clusters have to play if Europe is to develop a “World-Class Cycling Industry” of its own that develops 1 million new jobs by 2030, as called for by the European Declaration on Cycling?

The underlying idea behind industrial clusters is to foster collaboration among start-ups and SMEs and strengthen ‘hotspots’ for locally specialised economic activities. The Portugal Bike Value cluster is the most prominent example of this in the European cycling industry ecosystem and has played a pivotal role in turning Portugal into the leading European country for the production of bicycles.

In other sectors such as automotive, there are over 100 clusters across Europe and the approach is widely regarded as essential to underpin competitiveness, resilience and industrial transformation. And industrial policy makers at regional, national and EU-level typically turn to cluster organisations to channel support towards start-ups and SMEs.  

What can the cluster approach bring to the cycling ecosystem? What is their role in facilitating industry collaboration, innovation and access to policy support? Where are new cycling industry clusters emerging? 

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Industry Digitalisation Workshop – The Product Passport: An Opportunity for the Cycling Industry?

When: Thursday 4 July, 12.45 - 13.45

Where: Portalhaus Level 1, Transparenz 1

This workshop aims to show the implementation of product passports, beginning with those for e-bike batteries and how these could provide the backbone for better exchange of data across the cycling value chain. If the product passport approach were to be generalised in the cycling industry, there could be a versatile tool to generate and share data and address the gaps we currently face on sales, product specifications and sustainability performance - to name but a few. 

With the EU Battery Regulation, product passports will become mandatory for e-bike batteries. But why stop there? Is this a first step towards developing a tool to simplify exchanges of data across the cycling value chain? 

Why are product passports a potential Swiss-army knife to make the cycling industry sharper? What does the industry need to do collectively to turn a regulatory challenge into a tool for resilience and sustainability? How can one single QR code per bicycle open the door to tailored information for producers, service providers, retailers, consumers and regulators?

This participative workshop has several objectives: to inform participants of the benefits of the product passport, raise awareness about the potential challenges of setting it up and brainstorm on how to build upon the battery product passport, which is now a looming EU regulatory requirement, to move towards full traceability of bicycles with capture via one single access point (QR code).

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The Cargo Academy: Cargobike boom in Europe: Data on market size and growth

When: Thursday 4 July, between 14.00 - 14.30

Where: Pink Stage, Hall 8 Level 0, L02 

Cargo bikes have been an exciting growth market for several years. New innovative models, from compact cargo bikes to commercial heavy-duty bikes, are emerging. Sharing systems and subscription offers are spreading. Policies are increasingly supporting cargo bikes with incentive programs but are also moving towards more regulation. Standards for safety and service are gaining importance. CIE Project Manager Samuel Pierce will be presenting the findings from CIE's European Cargo Manufacturers Survey. Good news—cargo bikes continue to buck broader cycling market trends with continued growth. Come to the session to find out more! Partner organizations include Cycling Industries Europe, Zukunft Fahrrad, ZIV, Riese & Müller and Croozer. 

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Mobility Digitalisation: How To Get More People Cycling With Digital Devices?

When: Thursday 4 July, 15.00 – 15.30

Where: Yellow stage

The collaboration between infrastructure, smart cities, data, and the translation of this into actions for regions and industries add up to value. But how? In this session, CIE and participants will discuss how connected cycling can benefit the entire value chain, from users to cities and industry. The MegaBITS project, of which CIE is a partner, will help to provide a tangible backdrop of how cycling and intelligent transport system are interacting. From this, industry partners will provide further insight on the current state of the art as well as articulating where the next gains can be made building in building out the digital layer to cycling.

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Women in Cycling Breakfast

When: Friday 5 July, 09.00 – 11.45

Where: Portalhaus Networking Space

Traditionally, women from the global bicycle industry meet for an inspiring breakfast on Friday morning. Networking at a global and national level, as well as individual and above all, structural empowerment for women in the cycling sector form this year's thematic framework.

In the usual format, keynote speakers will present their theses and projects. These form the starting point for dialogue with other women from the sector. Strong networks and independent projects have already developed from these discussions in the past.

Organised by Velokonzept in partnership with CIE, ECF, CONEBI and Mobycon. 

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Workshop: The bicycle industry goes cluster - experiences and perspectives for regional economic clusters

When: Friday 5 July, 14.00 – 15.30

Where: Portalhaus Level 1, Transparenz 1

The European Declaration on Cycling assumes that there are currently one million jobs in the European cycling industry and sees "significant growth potential" in both production and the service sector.In the Cycling Declaration, the EU and its member states commit to creating favorable conditions for the growth of the cycling industry and "seamless job transfers from other relevant sectors".

Intersectoral partnerships and job transitions to the cycling economy are also the subject of the Mobility Transition Pathway as part of the EU industrial strategy. Its current report contains proposals for measures to specifically strengthen the cycling economy (industry & services). These include:

  • "Creating a skills alliance in the bicycle sector to facilitate the transition to jobs in bicycle production"
  • "Promote cross-sector partnerships [to give the bicycle industry the opportunity to] learn from the automotive sector's expertise in lean manufacturing techniques and mass scaling of the manufacturing process."

What role can existing regional mobility industry clusters play here by specifically integrating the bicycle industry? What role can independent bicycle industry clusters play? What can be learned from examples from Portugal and France, among others, as well as the Cycling Saxony network in Germany?

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There is much more to discover at Eurobike. Find the complete program of Eurobike here.

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