The EU Green Deal demands smarter mobility – and cycling is stepping up

The EU states “Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are vital to increase safety and tackle Europe's growing emission and congestion problems. They can make transport safer, more efficient and more sustainable by applying various information and communication technologies to all modes of passenger and freight transport.”

Now cycling recognises the need to link the whole sector in a common framework, uniting governments, cities, businesses and academia to leverage all our collective contributions and to keep pace with other sectors such as automotive and public transport. Cycling Industries Europe (CIE) believes this strategic frame will better integrate cycling into wider ITS deployment, encourage strategic collaboration within the sector and play a steering role in developing cycling ITS solutions.

Therefore, CIE’s Connected Cycling and ITS Expert Group has the coordinating role for all aspects of ITS policy, and in particular the interface with the EU and Member States processes for ITS.

To respond to these and other challenges the CIE Connected Cycling and ITS Expert Group has decided to start working and cataloguing the initiatives and opportunities for cycling ITS under four provisional headings which will help the next steps of our advocacy and projects.

  • MaaS - Mobility as a Service – working with the CIE Bike Share Expert Group and supported by a new CIE membership of the world-leading Mobility as a Service Alliance which brings into MaaS Experts from all sectors.
  • Bike technology and tools improving rider experience. Working with companies that create applications, devices, routing, gamification, reporting, on-bike control systems, automation etc. to build an overall catalogue of smart cycling technologies.
  • Connected, collaborative and automated mobility (CCAM) is a big and complex field which includes all the EU regulatory work on automated driving. In this area our partners at CONEBI are leading the cycling industry representation on the EU’s CCAM Platform, so we will support them as needed.
  • The fourth work area is data. This is both a huge topic in its own right, but also a cross-cutting topic to ensure that the data needs of the three areas above are supported and coordinated to drastically improve cycling policies and anchoring cycling in broader mobility policies and share this data for multimodal future. This work will feed also the CyclingDataHub in the BITS project to share, analyse and visualize the data (>100 data sets).

The CCITS EG Chair is Raymond Gense, Director of Future Technologies at PON and the CIE Secretariat is provided by Ayse Sumer.


  • Delivering and coordinating the aspects of ITS that relate to consumer behaviour and growth in cycle use;

  • Deliver the BITS Project – business aspects and provide the business input for BITS project data hub and pilot projects;

  • Addressing the coordination of business development in:
    • The transformation in customer relationships that will come through digitalisation of the consumer relationship;
    • Applications, tools and methods, multi-modal transport systems (MaaS);
    • Applications, tools and methods maintain and improved the rider experience: routing, reporting, on bike control systems, apps etc.
    • Data policy, standards, sharing and open data availability including EU regulation on nationally available data sets (NAPs);
    • Creating a directory of service providers for local government to use in tenders and calls;
    • Creating a catalogue for products (Apps, data etc) and services;
    • Emerging need for an ITS roadmap within the EU Cycling Strategy and the BITS project.

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Connected Cycling and ITS Success Stories

  • With over 20 years of experience, Eco-Counter is the global leader in pedestrian and cyclist counting solutions. Their counting solutions count and classify pedestrians and cyclists using discreet, advanced, patented sensor technologies. Automated count data is a powerful tool to capture daily and seasonal usage trends, justify investments, communicate with stakeholders and much more.

    From bike counters deployed on the busiest cycle tracks of Paris, to trail counters in remote regions of New Zealand, Eco-Counter is trusted around the world.

  • On 10th March, at the Flemish Road Safety Congress 2020, our BITS (Bicycles and Intelligent Transport Systems) project partner Province of Antwerp won the Flemish Road Safety Award for their BITS pilot project using 3D-camera technology to improve road safety for cyclists.In the BITS project, ITS are implemented to make cycling safer and more attractive.


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This group is a membership-driven initiative which works together with the support of the CIE Secretariat. Membership is open to all Cycling Industries Europe members.

Why join the Connected Cycling and ITS Expert Group?

The European leadership group works on all aspects of ITS in European Policy, except the connected and regulated vehicle segment where CONEBI has the lead. The EG will contribute to the EU Green Deal initiatives with emphasis on ITS and MaaS as well as data related policy, strategy and platforms, including the European Digital Strategy.

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