CIE delivers the strengths of the cycling business sector to sustainable mobility and recreation in Europe, representing cycling businesses at the EU level. A core purpose of CIE is to demonstrate the benefits of the whole cycling ecosystem including the supply chain and service industries, and to include all dimensions of cycle use from mobility to recreation and sport. 

We aim to double the use of bikes in Europe by 2030 and create 1 million green and sustainable jobs across the whole cycling ecosystem in the same period.

Today the organisation has a wide range of members from SMEs to global companies and represents all sectors including manufacturers, service providers, infrastructure, digital solutions and shared mobility providers, represented in influential cross-sector Expert Groups which guide the development of the industry and public policy.


  • Act as a united voice for the cycling business and together with our members promote the best interests of the sector.
  • Grow cycling in Europe, for the benefit of society and the benefit of cycling businesses.
  • Make cycling a key part of the sustainable urban mobility transition under the EU Green Deal.
  • Actively communicate the benefits of cycling to decision-makers, politicians, businesses, the media, the public and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Build alliances and work in partnership with other stakeholders such as civil society, other business sectors and global partners.
  • Deliver the private sector and technological contribution to growth of cycling in Europe by encouraging investment.
  • Support conditions for a positive business environment and a successful investment climate, creating employment and growth.
  • Form a networking platform for members and interact with wider constituencies.


The members of Cycling Industries Europe come from across the globe and represent the entire supply chain, from bicycle and parts makers to bike sharing, cycle logistics, online services, financial services, infrastructure, tourism and consultancy.

CIE Members reflect the diversity, innovative capacity and growth potential of the sector – all of which we aim to harness for a cycling future for Europe. Join us!