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CIE Expert Group on Bike Share (BSEG) represents the leading European Bike Share Operators and Service Providers – Tier by nextbike, Fifteen, Donkey Republic, Inurba, Urban Sharing, Beryl, Dott, PBSC, BCycle, Fluctuo, MobilityData, Qucit, Phylion and Cargoroo – each bringing sustainable and shared mobility to the world. The group was initially launched at Velo-City Dublin in 2019. 

The European leadership group forms a powerful advocacy group making sure bike sharing is featured in all EU's policies, measures and funding. We work closely with the EU and national policy makers and cities to drive the sector forward. Some examples of ur work are: Drafting position papers on bike sharing benefits, advocacy campaings such as "Why every city should have its own bike sharing scheme?", workshops with cities on finance, sustainability, vandalism and communications, webinars on integrating bike sharing with public transport, data and a study on Benchmarking Bike Sharing in 148 European Cities.

CIE's BSEG looks forward to working with cities and policy makers to support them in the rapidly changing active mobility landscape!



Bike Sharing is...

  • Inclusive and gives affordable access to cycling for everyone.
  • Helping cities move away from private car use.
  • Improving air quality and reducing CO2 emissions, congestion and noise.
  • Improving public health and generates €3 worth benefits for the society for every bike trip.
  • Bringing new green jobs and boosting the local economy.
  • Ideal for both short or long trips, making it ideal to combine with public transportation and reducing the need for bike parking.
  • Creating safer urban spaces and better rider experiences through the digitalization of cities thanks to an open and common data format.
  • Fast to deploy, creating green, attractive and liveable cities.
  • Transforming the way we move, allowing cities to shift to inclusive, zero emission urban mobility.

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Erdem OvacikDonkey Republic

As bike sharing operators, we have a fantastic service for cities and regions, and we need to make our voices heard. CIE is our platform for collective advocacy.

Caroline van RenterghemFifteen

I’m convinced sharing is the future of all mobility modes. Bike sharing will be the most important, it not only changes the way we move, but the way we think and live together.

Philip EllisBeryl

I joined to be part of a united voice in cycling to collectively work with our peers across Europe to establish sustainable shared mobility as a real alternative to private car ownership.

Mariano PérezInurba Mobility

I join the Bike Share Group because I firmly believe that the best way to improve and evolve in this field that I love so much is by sharing knowledge.

Sebastian SchlebuschDott

I’m responsible for expansion into new markets by focusing on government relations and tender management. I’m deeply grateful and passionate about playing a positive role in urban mobility transformation to ensure a more human-centric ecosystem for all.

Heidi GueninMobilityData

MobilityData governs GBFS (General Bikeshare Feed Specification) - the open source data standard making it easy for travelers to discover and use bikeshare. Through CIE’s BSEG we can reach more travelers!

Mareike RauchhausTier by nextbike

We like to share - not only bikes but furthermore our experience and knowledge. It's inspiring and together we can change the game!

Adrian PopoviciPBSC Urban Solutions Inc.

Love sharing ideas and experiences with the bikeshare players and be part of the group trying to make it better for all the riders.

Marie QuinquisQUCIT

Achieve quickly a paradigm shift in urban mobility by increasing the modal share of cycling. CIE is a real vector of influence by creating an ecosystem around bike-sharing and by advocating for quality infrastructure and services.

Kristian BrinkUrban Sharing, Chair

Micromobility will be at the centre of the new normal in cities across the World. Suppliers and operators within this field will experience a massive deal of growth in the next decade. The CIE is where these companies can be found. Together, we shape the cities of tomorrow.

Lauha FriedCycling Industries Europe, BSEG Staff Lead

I’m thrilled to be working with the world's leading operators and service providers of bike sharing. This group is changing the way we move and making our cities greener and more liveable. Bike sharing is key to providing affordable access to bikes for all and accelerating Europe’s shift to zero emission mobility.

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Online monthly meeting once a month and a couple of times a year we meet in-person


This group is a membership-driven initiative which works together with the support of the CIE Secretariat. Membership is open to all Cycling Industries Europe members.

Why join the Bike Share Expert Group?

Issues can be discussed and dealt with in an industry wide forum, saving you time and providing greater efficiency. You will benefit from strong advocacy work, increased visibility for your company and for the sector, work on specific topics such as KPIs for sustainability, development towards single European standard and benchmarking. CIE also offers speaking slots at events to its members, netwokring and best practice exchange. 

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