Cycling Industries Europe is a new advocacy voice for the cycling business in Europe. Becoming a member of CIE is a message to your current and potential business partners, customers and suppliers that your company is committed to the strength of the industry as a whole, and to the benefits cycling can bring to society. Companies are invited to use the CIE logo in their own communications and in support of their Corporate Social Responsibility goals.



Joining CIE is about making a commitment to the future of cycling in Europe. The most important step is for you to make your company’s commitment known – see the examples below. Once you have become a member you can join our networks and get fully engaged in our advocacy campaigns, Expert Groups and projects. You will also be asked to agree to our internal procedures and to pay a membership fee. This fee according to the size of your business, start-ups can pay as little as €500 per year, while global giants will pay our Platinum Members’ rate. Associations can support CIE by joining as Associate members. Contact us for a discussion about making your commitment to cycling in Europe.

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 Why we joined

"We know that we have to win the support of governments if we want to double cycling in Europe and continue to strengthen the cycling industry for the benefit of all companies. I think every European cycling company should join Cycling Industries Europe in order to increase the importance of the bicycle in cities of the future. I am delighted to take a place in the group."

Tony Grimaldi,
CEO, CyclEurope

"nextbike has joined CIE because we are convinced that the cycling industry needs to become more visible in Europe and demonstrate its positive impacts on the society. An association like CIE can be the perfect forum to achieve this. My personal focus within CIE is to support building a network of bike sharing service operators who collectively work towards mutually benefitting topics."

Ralf Kalupner,
Founder & CEO, nextbike

"Our membership with Cycling Industries Europe directly supports the growth of our cycling business. Through advocacy, industry events and policy development, we see CIE as a key partner in the growth of our business, the cycling industry and smart mobility."

Raymond Gense,
Director Future Technology & Public Affairs, Pon Holdings

"Cycling is increasingly seen as a significant part of the solution for many problems we have in our cities/societies like congestion, pollution and lack of physical exercise. Working hard as an industry together with the support of governments to double cycling in Europe and strengthen the cycling industry is very important to Accell Group. Therefore we are very happy to be a member of Cycling Industries Europe."

Ton Anbeek,
CEO, Accell Group