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CIE’s new Expert Group has the ambition to become a unique “Think tank” for cycling, attracting top strategic leaders and analysts from all sectors of cycling. The group will gather evidence and produce intelligence that will allow accurate market forecasting, stronger promotion of the industry, and better information for the industry as well as NGOs, policymakers and investors. The invitation is now open for CIE members to join the group and other companies to join CIE and be part of this important initiative.

This Expert Group is for everyone from strategic leaders and planners who need to know the medium- and long-term direction for their companies, to market researchers and analysts with an interest in cycling.

The Expert Group will complement CIE’s existing Expert Groups, providing expertise on market research and intelligence to the groups that work on bike sharing, connected cycling, cargo bikes and industry sustainability.

Summing up the launch, Raymond Gense, Director of Public Affairs and Future Technologies at PON said: “It’s very encouraging what I see. We can see that we can do a lot more with data. This is a role for CIE that we really want to take now and for the future. We can do it because of the possibilities we get from our members, the more members we have the more work we can do, its as easy as that”.

A core group of companies and CIE partners has been working on the concept since before the coronavirus pandemic. They were quickly able to react to the crisis and create two COVID Business Impact surveys, national COVID recovery case studies as well as the first ever Cargo Bike Market Survey, showcasing the tangible benefits of shared knowledge from multiple sources. 

These examples demonstrated the importance of data intelligence, which is the overarching aim of the new Expert Group; looking at impacts and measures such as investment in infrastructure, government policies, subsidies, etc., and applying intelligence in order to make predictions and projections for the wider cycling industry.


  • Identify market uptake and the impact of new technologies
  • Provide industrial forecasting and related information for our members and the cycling industries
  • Deliver indications of future market size for investors
  • Raise awareness of gaps in cycling knowledge
  • Inform policy and decision-making

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Market Impact and Intelligence Success Stories

  • A lot has changed in the past six months. On bike lanes and trails everywhere, cycling has boomed in ways unimaginable just one year ago. Popup bike lanes are popping up everywhere and, in many places, bike shops have run out of bikes.

    At the start of the pandemic, we launched a dashboard to track the weekly impact of COVID-19 on cycling. The data was cited in the LA Times, The Huffington Post, The Guardian, PopSci and many more. Advocacy organizations, such as PeopleForBikes, are leveraging the data to fight for a more bike friendly world.

  • The COVID crisis has strongly affected many aspects of our society. One of the positive outcomes has been the resurgence of cycling: the lockdown gave the bicycle the opportunity to prove it is the safest, most efficient urban mode of transport. As a result, European, national, and local authorities have started to put in place several permanent (and temporary) cycling measures in their cities and regions. The ECF has also issued a set of recommendations for these authorities to promote cycling beyond the crisis.

    To track all these new cycling measures, we have analysed official and unofficial news, plans, announcements, reports from our members on the ground and summarised them in an interactive dashboard. Please, let us know if you would like to verify data for your city or provide information about a city that is currently missing from the dashboard.

  • We know that the e-bike market is growing rapidly – certain European countries show growth rates around 35% year on year, totalling some 2.5 m+ e-bike sales in Europe (2018 figure, CONEBI) which, in some countries, accounts for half of their annual bike sales – but we know less about the motivations of consumers and why they differ per country. The aim of the report is to examine those motivations – the similarities and the differences – and see why some consumers are rapidly adopting e-bikes whilst others have been slower to get going.



This group is a membership-driven initiative which works together with the support of the CIE Secretariat. Membership is open to all Cycling Industries Europe members. It works in partnership with the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) to bring expertise and knowledge about data from governments, academics and NGOs in ECF’s networks.


Companies in this Expert Group will have the inside track to what is happening right across our industries, because this group will be looking at the market data that drives our industry now and into the future. Collaborating with other companies means more data is available, faster and with greater market coverage. That’s good for growing cycling and it’s good for business.

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