Join CIE for the Bike Market Outlook and Perspectives Webinar

2 December 2020


Join us for discussions about the “BIKE MARKET OUTLOOK & PERSPECTIVES”. This webinar is hosted by the World Bicycle Industry Association (WBIA), in collaboration with World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI), and support by Cycling Industries Europe (CIE), European Cyclists Federation (ECF), Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry (CONEBI) and PeopleForBikes.

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve rapidly, the bicycle industry is facing new challenges. The pandemic has caused an immense spark in the bicycle purchases and usage. We are experiencing a cycling boom. This webinar is devoted to industry leaders insights on current supply source limitations, forward looking trends, forecasting the future needs, and preparing for the next normal. The pandemic and lockdown situations have made the usage of bicycles more friendly for transportation, health fitness and recreation. There has been a political catalyst in many countries accelerating infrastructure development usage incentives, and financial support around using and repairing bicycles. We are experiencing a demand that is far outstripping supply. This is causing huge supply chain disruptions and lost customers. During this session, we will share our vision for a structural and sustainable growth for the bicycle industry, we will cover what the bright profitable future looks like, and to inspire and instill confidence to invest in servicing the growth.

Robbert de Kock (President & CEO of the WFSGI) and Erhard Büchel ( President of the WBIA) will host the discussions together with leading experts from the industry:

• Holger Haubold, Director – Intellectual Property & Data Collection, ECF

• Bob Margevicius, Vice President Specialized, and from PeopleforBikes

• Robbert Wu, President, KMC Chain International

• Kevin Chen, Sales Director, KMC Chain International

• Kevin Mayne, Chief Executive, CIE.

• Manuel Marsilio, General Manager, CONEBI