Cycling and Intelligent Transport Systems: Building a collaborative industry community in Smart, Digital and Connected Cycling

02 December 2019

Antwerp, Belgium

The field of Intelligent Transport Systems is one of the most important topics in Europe. In the coming years smart connectivity and digitalisation will not just transform cycling, it will change the way all mobility is managed and spill over into sport and leisure cycling.

The EU knows this and is investing heavily, both in financial support for innovation, but also enforcing new regulations on data sharing that start as early as December 2019.

If your company expects to be working in any of the potential ITS topics listed below in the next 5 years, you need to be represented in Antwerp on 2nd December!

  • Apps, incentivisation and gamification tools, customer applications and APIs
  • On bike technology – comfort, performance, control, e-bike management
  • Bike sharing, renting and leasing, payment management and tracking
  • Vehicle to Vehicle, to bike, to infrastructure (V2V, V2C, V2I)
  • Locking and parking applications, smart locking/theft prevention
  • Route planners, traffic management, signal controls, reporting tools e.g. road defects
  • Sports/training products, virtual cycling
  • Multi-modality, mobility as a Service (MaaS)
  • Counting, measuring, aggregation of cycling data, research & market intelligence
  • Supporting innovation, start-ups and small companies in digitalisation
  • The Cycling Industry in the EU’s platform for Collaborative, Connected and Automated Mobility (led by CONEBI)
  • BIG Data, data for infrastructure planning, commissioning and funding proposals
  • Privacy, data security, ownership (GDPR)
  • EU’s National Access Points (mandatory national data sets for mobility and mapping)

    You can find the draft agenda here.

    Please note that this event is primarily for businesses. Due to high demand, representatives of cities, governments, researchers and associations may attend by invitation only. If you are not representing a company, please contact Cycling Industries Europe ( directly if you wish to attend.