CIE Members' Summer Meeting: Where are we now & what's next for 2020?

8 July 2020


Our virtual summer meeting on July 8th will allow the member companies of CIE to take stock after the roller-coaster ride of 2020 so far, and to plan the path of our industries for the second half of the year.

CIE’s Expert Groups will share their predictions for the coming months and highlight the key issues facing companies in the post-COVID era. This will include our market leading companies in Bike Share, Cargo Bikes and Cycle Logistics, Connected Bikes and Intelligent Transport Systems, and Sustainability.

Our newest group for Market Impact and Intelligence is analysing the post-COVID trends for the whole of cycling and we want to share our exciting plans for the first-ever European network of cycling innovators, entrepreneurs and investors which will support small and medium companies in our industries.

CIE’s Board wants to hear from our Members, including the many new companies that continue to join CIE every month. This is an exciting time for cycling companies - how can we continue to build CIE as a showcase for your energy, your success, your innovation and your creativity? How can we build on the leadership CIE has shown in 2019 and during the COVID-19 crisis?

This organisation was only founded in 2018, but is now recognised as a voice that speaks for all sectors of cycling business at the European level. We are now established as a representative voice for the sector with many EU departments and allied associations, connections we can use to promote our Members and cycling.

Not a CIE member yet? If you are an ambitious cycling company there is only one question. What’s stopping you? Join today and you can be with us on July 8th to shape the future of cycling business in Europe.

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