CIE’s Expert Group for mountain biking operates under a partnership between Cycling Industries Europe (CIE) and the International Mountain Bicycling Association Europe (IMBA Europe). The shared vision is that organisations and institutions from civil society, business and public sectors need to work together to use the potential of mountain biking to contribute to sustainable cities, regions and communities and active and healthy lifestyles for everyone.

The expert group is committed to increasing and building further capacity for mountain bike advocacy in Europe through collaboration and knowledge sharing, positioning mountain biking as a solution to better health, sustainability, and the economics of communities resulting in growth of mountain bike participation in all sectors of society.  With a love of nature and desire to protect sensitive ecosystems, we work on shared issues like advocating for access to sustainable mountain biking, trails close to population centres and threats to countryside access, an increasing concern as outdoor recreation increases in popularity.


  • Showcasing advocacy efforts by utilising brands’ strong identities and reach to make our work informative, inspirational and aspirational. 
  • Identifying areas in need of attention from the advocacy community due to ongoing disputes, legislation or proposed restrictions.
  • Influencing national and European-wide policy to promote sustainable and accessible mountain biking.
  • Promoting local and regional initiatives to develop mountain bike tourism products and destinations. 
  • Coordinating with other expert groups and outside cycling advocacy organisations to support efforts to promote cycling in the interest of the mountain bike community.
  • Ensuring that mountain biking is accessible and attractive to the broader community
  • Acting as ambassadors for advocacy to the broader cycling industry. 
  • Promoting a shared appreciation and respect for nature among the cycling community, including youth.

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This group is a membership-led initiative which works together with the support of the CIE Secretariat. Membership is open to all Cycling Industries Europe members.


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