Why CIE Expert Groups?

CIE Expert Groups are one of the association’s most important mechanisms for cross-sectoral policy and technical content development that respond to legislation or stimulate innovations, growth and strengthen the business sector in cycling. Relevant topics identified by CIE are addressed by experts drawn from CIE’s membership of European and global businesses as an effective means of demonstrating leadership in the sector, creating policy positions, influencing policy or regulation, sharing information and skills and international networking with professional and business contacts.

Given the evolution of the cycling industries towards higher complexity and inter-connectivity, Expert Groups have a very specific role to facilitate sharing of expertise, collaboration and communication between sectors. Although CIE members and staff have considerable in-house expertise, Expert Groups also provide a mechanism to attract specialist advice from outside experts as a basis for sound decision-making. This may be provided by invited experts or external consultants from outside the membership, or take the form of studies commissioned by Expert Groups. Expert groups may also be created in partnership with other associations and platforms. In this case this guidance ay be used to establish the working arrangements and appoint delegates to shared Expert Groups, accepting this guidance as a minimum standard for the establishment of such groups.

The role of CIE Expert Groups

The CIE Expert Groups aim to bringing together specialists from the member companies and associations that can provide leadership in the respective policy field for which the group is created.

Expert Groups have a more formal status than ad-hoc, partnership activities or informal groups within CIE because they work on specific policy or technical issues in the name of CIE and therefore must adhere to the highest standards of transparency and competence.

The group members cooperate in identifying and addressing the main challenges in the subject area, striving to promote the advance of knowledge in this specific field in the interests of CIE’s members and for wider societal, policy and business benefit. They examine the policies of bodies such as the European Union ensuring that barriers or opportunities for the industry are identified and relevant responses by CIE created.


Joining an Expert Group

CIE Expert Groups are a membership-driven initiative which works together with the support of the CIE Secretariat. Membership is open to all Cycling Industries Europe members.

Why to join?

CIE leadership groups will help professionals, or similar specialists in your organisation and add value to your company’s agenda on that specific topic. Issues  an be discussed and dealt with in an industry wide forum, saving you time and providing greater efficiency. If you don’t have dedicated resource in your organisation you will still benefit from industry guidelines and best practice on the topic.

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