Why CIE Expert Groups?

CIE Expert Groups are an important tool for policy and technical content development that respond to legislation or stimulate innovations, growth and strengthen the business sector in cycling. Relevant topics identified by CIE are addressed by experts drawn from CIE’s membership of European and global businesses as an effective means of demonstrating leadership in the sector, creating policy positions, influencing policy or regulation, sharing information and skills and international networking with professional and business contacts.

CIE Expert Groups are one of the industry’s most important way to do advocacy work in the EU and strengthen cycling businesses. Successful companies in all industries have learned the value of collaboration

  • They gather and share knowledge about trends in society and in policy that affect their businesses.
  • They share expertise and resources to grow and defend their markets.
  • They face common challenges in regulation and government policies.
  • They connect across different sectors within the industry and with outside experts.
  • They create standards so that products and services can operate across companies, improving efficiency and profitability.
  • They compete for public support such as research and infrastructure funding.
  • They build relationships with their peers that strengthen the whole industry.
  • They meet potential partners, suppliers and customers for collaborative innovation and business development, especially at the leading edge of new products and services.

Collaborating within CIE allows this to happen in a way that is really efficient but also ensures that the collaboration supports the whole industry and society. Companies that participate in our Expert Groups benefit from being at the front of industry developments.

Internal procedures in CIE’s Expert Groups prevent the development of anti-competitive behaviours, allowing companies to collaborate in a way that is good for business but also fair, transparent and meets the laws of the EU and other jurisdictions.

The role of CIE Expert Groups

The CIE Expert Groups bring together specialists from the member companies and associations that can provide leadership in an area of business importance.

The group members cooperate in identifying and addressing the main challenges in the subject area in the interests of CIE’s members and for wider societal, policy and business benefit. Not every company take part in every area of work, they chose the most important topics for their business and then work with other members to get ahead of the market.

For example, Expert Groups can

  1. Collaborate on technical challenges such as innovation, research, development of standards, new technologies, new business models, cross-sector collaborations, and working with other industries.
  2. Work with other members in relation to legislative proposals and policy, the implementation of EU legislation, programmes and policies, including coordination and cooperation with Member States and stakeholders in fields including mobility and industrial policy.
  3. Promoting specialised workshops, benchmark studies, state of the art reviews of any other similar activity, suggesting dissemination opportunities for the content shared etc.
  4. Produce or share publications, policy documents, research and outputs of value to CIE members, to the wider cycling industries and to stakeholders in other sectors promoting cycling.
  5. Identify experts, representatives and delegates who can represent the work of the group at events such as conferences and meetings. Experts from within an Expert Group may be appointed to participate or give evidence to public processes such as EU Expert groups or public consultations on behalf of CIE.

Joining an Expert Group

CIE Expert Groups are a membership-driven initiative which works together with the support of the CIE Secretariat. Membership is open to all Cycling Industries Europe members. Member companies nominate experts with relevant skills to participate in a group. The members of the group set the scope and priorities for the group.

Why to join?

CIE leadership groups will help professionals in member companies to get firsthand information and analyses on policy developments and market insights impacting the sector upfront and add value to your company’s agenda on that specific topic. Issues  can be discussed and dealt with in an industry wide forum, saving you time and providing greater efficiency. CIE Experts also get speaking slots at events and policy workshops enabling them to influence decision-making and get additional visibility for CIE  member companies. If you don’t have dedicated resource in your organisation you will still benefit from industry guidelines and best practice on the topic.

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