Cycling Industries Europe represent the world’s leading cycling companies. We are the united voice for the cycling industries in Europe.

Our ambition is to reach out beyond the traditional definition of the industry as a bicycle and parts industry and to make sure we align all business and commercial actors in a common mission.

Cycling Industries Europe brings together leading experts and companies from diverse fields including shared mobility, consultancy, digital services, logistics and financial services making our industries better equipped to respond to changes in the market and legislation and promote all forms of cycling.



Through the advocacy of CIE and our allies we make sure governments at every level know why they should invest in cycling and have positive cycling policies. We influence policymakers and ensure that the sector is well represented in national and EU policies and measures, and secures sufficient national and EU investment across the continent.

 We do our advocacy work through:

  • Active monitoring of developments in markets and legislation
  • Direct contact with key decision makers and stakeholders
  • Building alliances and partnerships
  • Expert Group work
  • High-level policy events, workshops and webinars

CIE informs policymakers of the economic, social and environmental benefits of the cycling sector as a whole and showcases the work of our members in clean mobility, shared mobility, electric mobility, sustainable leisure, ITS, connected cycling and industrial policy topics such as sustainability.

In addition, we make an annual donation to the work of the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF), supporting their expertise in lobbying for cycling infrastructure, cycle tourism and road safety which all help get more people on bikes.

Market Intelligence & Communications

Through CIE, our members have access to wider cycling industry insights; through reports and member-only webinars. Our Market Impact and Intelligence Expert Group gathers forecasts for different sectors within the industry and conducts a variety of market surveys. 

We also keep our members up to date on what is happening in the sector, in terms of new developments, policies and measures, and projects via our social media channels, regular mailings and our newsletter.

Industrial leadership

CIE provides a leadership platform for the many sectors of the industry to stimulate innovation, growth and strengthen the business sector in cycling. Our Expert Groups create policy positions, influence policy or regulation, share information and benefit from international networking with professional and business contacts. CIE also takes part in projects and provides important funding so that ECF can stimulate cycling projects across Europe and lobby for more allocations. These projects, which include a wide range of stakeholders, allow us to research and disseminate new initiatives in the cycling sector, showing the importance of cycling both to national governments and EU policymakers. Members are free to join one or more groups.

Business & Networking

We organize networking, business and policy opportunities and expand the visibility of our members in multiple ways:

  • Our flagship annual CIE Summit.
  • Significant CIE presence at key industry events throughout the year, where we organize panels, workshops, networking drinks for members and more.
  • Tailor-made workshops with experts for our members.
  • Speaking opportunities at events and workshops.
  • Liaise with leading experts of the sector by joining CIE Expert Groups.


CIE is pleased to work with a wide range of experienced partners at the EU and international levels. In particular we work in collaboration with:


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