Cycling Industries Europe is a new advocacy voice for cycling businesses in Europe.

Our ambition is to reach out beyond the traditional definition of the industry as a bicycle and parts industry and to make sure we align all business and commercial actors in a common mission.

Cycling Industries Europe brings together leading experts and companies from diverse fields including shared mobility, consultancy, digital services, logistics and financial services making our industries better equipped to respond to changes in the market and legislation and promote all forms of cycling.


CSR and Sustainability Expert Group

Bike Share Expert Group

Cargo Bike Cycle Logistics Experts Group

Connected Cycling and ITS Expert Group

Market Impact and Intelligence Expert Group

Innovation and SMEs Expert Group


City Changer Cargo Bike

Bicycle ITS project on Smart Cycling Solutions


CIE is pleased to work with a wide range of experienced partners at the EU and international levels. In particular we work in collaboration with:


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