Setting the sustainability agenda for the cycling industry

The CIE and Conebi led Cycling Industry Sustainability Expert Group, focuses on the key areas where we, the cycling industry, can improve the CSR and sustainability of our products including, but not limited to, environmental footprint, responsible sourcing, end-of-life treatment, material use, consumer safety and transparency, contributing to the circular economy.

Vision and Mission of the Cycling Industry Sustainability Expert Group

Cycling is a force for good. The cycling industry offers a sustainable mobility option for our cities and commuting; moreover our products and services provide access to explore and enjoy our natural environments.

Transport causes more than one fifth of all CO2 emissions worldwide. As the most environmentally friendly means of transport, cycling plays a vital role in achieving global net zero ambitions. Cycling is emission-free, quiet and climate-friendly. Not only is it a sustainable choice, but cycling helps make our communities healthier, happier and more livable.

We recognize our responsibility in protecting the environments in which we ride. As the CIE/CONEBI CSR & Sustainability Expert Group, we believe that our industry’s products and services are a solution for the mobility and sustainability revolution. 

For us CSR and sustainability encompasses the bicycle industry’s commitment to creating positive environmental, social, and economic changes that benefit all stakeholders.

Our Vision

Our industry becomes a frontrunner in CSR and sustainability, leading by example with products and services designed, produced, used and reused responsibly.

Our Mission

It is our mission to:

  • Create a joint European or even global CSR vision/strategy and a corresponding standard for the bicycle industry.
  • Define ambitious CSR milestones and targets and launch industry-wide impactful initiatives that are aligned with and go beyond EU and international policy.
  • Represent our members (CONEBI/CIE members as well as their members) and motivate them to act based on the CSR vision, strategy and/or standard put forward by this group.
  • Cooperate with other industries, sectors, partners and initiatives so that we can work in synergy and avoid redundant efforts.
  • Provide CSR education and resources, identify and share best practices and foster CSR understanding and knowledge within our industry and beyond.
  • Set an example by communicating our industry’s CSR efforts and achievements within our industry and beyond.

Our vision is bold and success depends upon the coordinated actions of our industry. The race to sustainability has already begun and some of our members have made a good start. Just like a peloton, we’ll get to our destination quicker if we work together. Join us - no matter where you are on your CSR journey - in creating a genuinely sustainable cycling industry!

2023 Priorities

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This group is a membership-driven initiative which works together with the support of the CIE and CONEBI Secretariat. Membership is open to all Cycling Industries Europe and CONEBI members who have expertise in this field and are ready to engage themselves in the work of the group.


The European leadership group will drive forward the industry's sustainability agenda by sharing best practice, liaising with key experts of the field and actively monitoring EU legislation to be able to react and give the industry’s view to the European Institutions before legislation is passed. Issues can be discussed and dealt with in an industry wide forum, saving you time and providing greater efficiency. If you don’t have dedicated resource in your organisation you will still benefit from industry guidelines and best practice on the topic.

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