03 Apr 2024

The interinstitutional European Declaration on Cycling was signed the 3rd of April at the Informal Council meeting of Transport Ministers led by the Belgian EU presidency at Egmont Palace in Brussels. The European Declaration on Cycling is the most ambitious EU-level policy initiative on cycling to date, recognising cycling as a strategic priority and acknowledging its power to generate enormous benefits for Europe.

Cycling Industries Europe (CIE), established five years ago with the aim of promoting cycling within the EU, is proud to participate in this historic event. Representing the cycling business sector, CIE acknowledges the honour given to CIE’s president Tony Grimaldi for his role in the signing ceremony and to give a keynote at the Transport Ministers' meeting. By joining 27 European Transport Ministers at an informal council meeting, CIE perceives this high-level gathering as a big step forward for growing cycling and developing a world-class European cycling industry.

CIE President Tony Grimaldi asks for a world-class European cycling industry

During his keynote speech, Grimaldi emphasized the transformative potential of cycling, urging Member States to take the opportunity for positive change now. He highlighted the benefits of embracing cycling, not only for mobility but also for job creation, economic growth, and the promotion of local industries. Grimaldi presented the economic potential of the cycling industry, projecting over 1 million new jobs in the EU by 2030. He stated that investing in cycling infrastructure not only benefits the environment but also contributes to economic prosperity in member countries: ‘When you develop new cycling infrastructure, you create new markets.’ 

Additionally, Grimaldi underlined that everyone should have affordable access to bikes and stressed the importance of aligning investments with business commitments to bolster local economies. He asked for long-term regulatory certainty and a collaborative partnership between governments and the cycling industry to realize the goals of the EU Declaration on Cycling.

Tony Grimaldi, President of CIE, said in his keynote to the Transport Ministers:'There is no reason to wait to grow cycling in Europe. It is a win-win – mobility transition, job creation, economic growth, promotion of local companies – all available now, all affordable now. Let’s develop a world-class European cycling industry and give boost to European leadership!'


Joint efforts

Today’s milestone builds upon the European Parliament’s Resolution on Cycling, which was adopted by overwhelming majority in February 2023, and marks a final approval of the European Declaration on Cycling draft put forward by the European Commission in October 2023. CIE with its partner associations European Cyclists’ Federation and CONEBI have been advocating and working together to make this a reality.  

Our Manifesto: the European Cycling Industries’ call to the next Commission

With EU elections coming up in June 2024, Cycling Industries Europe is calling for the new EU to make sure that the 36 commitments set in the Declaration will be turned into action. CIE’s EU Manifesto calls for the next European Commission to include cycling in all policies, measures and funding. Fulfilling the potential of cycling will help achieve EU mobility, climate, environmental, public health, economic, industrial, and social objectives. Cycling is the solution to some of the most pressing challenges Europe is facing today from providing zero carbon mobility to our cities and developing world-class European cycling industry to bringing much needed green jobs (2 million jobs by 2030) and economic growth.

CIE President Tony Grimaldi on why this Declaration matters and what can we expect next?



More information

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About Tony Grimaldi

Tony Grimaldi is Chief Executive Officer of Cycleurope AB and President of Cycling Industries Europe. Cycleurope, is part of the family-owned Grimaldi Industries, based in Sweden and is a market leader in Nordic countries with brands such as Crescent, DBS, Kildemoes and Monark and owns several other iconic international brands such as Bianchi and Gitane. Tony Grimaldi is also a board member of the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI).

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