28 Apr 2021

Thank you for attending the CIE 2021 Summit. 

CIE’s 2021 Summit which took place on 22 April was again a big success story, clearly reflecting the rapidly growing importance of the sector. We had more than 900 registrations and a great line-up of speakers featuring top industry leaders alongside senior EU officials showing the leading role of cycling businesses in European green recovery and growth. Cycling Industries Europe’s 2021 Summit showcased how cycling is driving European growth in recovery, jobs, new mobilities and digitalization. 

If you were unable to attend the event, or you simply want to share it with others, you can find the link to the entire recording here. Please see the full agenda of the event here.



  1. Booming cycling industries play an important role in delivering the EU’s green recovery. The forecast for the bicycle market is to grow from 20 to 30 million bikes by 2030. For eBikes an average growth rate of 15% is anticipated reaching 18 million bikes by 2030 – Ton Anbeek, CEO of Accell Group.
  2. The cycling sector is a prime example of European industrial leadership. This was well featured by State Secretary João Torres the current EU presidency country Portugal: "It’s amazing to see in the streets of Lisbon what a positive impact the investment in e-bikes has had on a city and people living and working there. 2019 was the year in which Portugal became the largest producer of bikes in Europe. Furthermore, Portugal has broken its record for bicycle exports, in exceptional circumstances due to Covid19."
  3. Cycling industries create new green jobs and growth. According to CIE’s new survey results presented by CEO Kevin Mayne "94% of companies are planning to increase staff in the next two years. 54% have already done so." This was also featured by Decathlon’s Irwin Wouts: "We want to work with the EU and Member States because we want to support the Green Transition. We want to support industry investment and attract foreign investors here in Europe which will help to develop green jobs."
  4. One bike trip generates €3 worth of benefits to society, namely in terms of reduction in public health costs, congestion and GHG emissions – Erdem Ovacik, founder and CEO of Donkey Republic.
  5. Deputy Director-General at the EU Commission’s DG Move Matthew Baldwin: "What cycling industries did to keep the cycling momentum is incredibly crucial: you came together to push the EU and Member States to think about cycling in the newly announced Recovery and Resilience plans. Now the challenge is to keep it going!”
  6. We provide digital tools to make cycling accessible for everybody. The wellbeing of people is strongly linked to daily mobility. The pandemic affected our mobility, which in turn affected many people's well-being and mental health – Elisabeth Felberbauer, Managing Director, Bike Citizens.
  7. The e-bike is a really good way of changing a car journey into a bike journey. The key to the change is to make a company bicycle the same no brainer as a company car was in the past – Andrea Kurz, Managing Director, Jobrad.
  8. Bike sharing is in the core of the transition to more sustainable mobility. It gives access to bikes to everyone and has a key role to play in helping cities to move away from the use of cars – Paul-Adrien Cormerais, founder and CEO of Pony.
  9. To hit requirements for reduction in CO2 emissions from transport, “Share of cycling in modal split has to be doubled, regardless of location; big cities, smaller cities, rural areas.”Professor Dr. Manfred Fischdick, Managing Director, Wuppertal.
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