11 May 2020

Our most recent batch of new members make cycling smarter by using data to optimize bike share schemes and bicycle protection, and to offer traffic support and solutions for sustainable mobility. This batch also includes innovative e-bike and cargo bike companies who use forward-looking design to improve the cycling experience. We warmly welcome all new members on board and are excited to start working together.

Over the past weeks, it has become clear that the pandemic is changing the way we look at urban space, particularly in terms of the space allocated to private cars. An increasing number of individuals, companies, health experts and city and EU-level officials are calling for a green recovery, with an emphasis on sustainable mobility in cities. This is a turning point for the cycling sector, so it is highly motivating to see companies joining forces with us and strengthening our position to further the key role of cycling and multimodality in said green recovery.

Find out more about our new joiners below – it might show you that your company does have a place at CIE! More details about joining can be found here.


Aavista – a data refinery for micromobility.

Cities and operators should aim to design the city bike network so that bikes are at the right place at the right time. Aavista helps operators and cities to analyze and optimize the bike usage. Its City solutions helps cities and operators to operate bike operations efficiently by spotting empty and overfilled docks. This will save money by reducing bike moving done by operators. The City Data Platform provides enriched insights and benchmarks to optimize the fleet usage. The platform covers tens of cities worldwide. CIE looks forward to Aavista’s contributions to our Expert Group on Connected Cycling and Intelligent Transport Systems.


Bluemooov– innovative products and services to answer micromobility challenges.

Bluemooov was created in 2019 by a European team of passionate friends, who believe that bicycles are a good solution to the current challenges for micromobility. They design and manufacture functional, robust and innovative tricycles and services for various professional uses. They have 2 ranges of products, namely: (1) Tricargos – to be launched in June 2020, with 30 models for delivery companies, local authorities and professionals, and (2) Cocoon – to be launched in 2021, a city bike designed to be the missing piece of the mobility jigsaw capitalizing on the advantages of e-bikes and cars. Bluemooov will be joining our Cargo Bike and Cycle Logistics Expert Group to work on growing and developing the sector.


emuBikes– e-bikes from the UK.

Emu was formed in 2014 to bring value and style to the electric bike market. It is a British brand backed by Delbanco Meyer, a UK company with an 80-year history of making innovative consumer products. The bikes are unique designs for Emu, researched and specified by experts from the UK and Europe. Emu supports their products with a team of mobile cycle mechanics who can come to your office or home to resolve problems. Buyers of their bikes can also benefit from the Green Commute Initiative scheme, which encourages employers to offer their employees the use of a bike for commuting instead of a car.


Hermes Traffic Intelligence– data-based decision support within traffic.

Decision makers are everywhere; commuting cyclists or pedestrians, trying to avoid roadworks or other hazards; drivers planning a route based on expected travel times; or road authorities trying to squeeze the most mobility as possible from a limited budget. Whenever a data source is available, Hermes Traffic Intelligence can process the data to provide the tools to make the best-informed decisions. If the decision maker is concerned with the comfort for cyclists riding a bike on the local bike-paths, the Bike-path Surface Quality tool from Hermes Traffic Intelligence may be applied. Off-the-shelf hardware on a regular bicycle is combined with specialized processing and easy information presentation to provide an unprecedented opportunity for decision makers to have an excellent overview of their bike-path network. Data are just dust - lots of dust. We find digital diamonds in that dust.


inBlenda– open innovation and data-driven solutions for sustainable mobility.

inBlenda is an independent sustainable transport planning and innovative mobility research laboratory with the mission to curb climate change and transform cities through effective planning, innovation management and economic growth. Currently operating as a sole proprietorship, it advises private- and public-sector clients across Europe on sustainable transport planning, urban regeneration, master planning and digital mobility solutions focusing on the needs of people. Thanks to in-depth knowledge of suitable funding programmes (EU, National, Regional) and an established and trusted contact base across European institutions, cities and consultancies, it also develops R&D strategies, coordinates the preparation of successful R&D proposals and leads the delivery of research and innovation projects relating to sustainable transport and intelligent mobility.


Sentinel NV– a smart bicycle lock.

Sentinel NV is the Belgian company behind the smart, entirely keyless bicycle lock that you can open with your smartphone or with the supplied RFID keychain. It comes with an intuitive app that allows you to configure the lock’s smart functions to your personal needs, in terms of bike maintenance & profile, bike sharing, crash detection and theft prevention. Regarding theft prevention for example, when triggered by a very sensitive motion sensor, the lock emits a 100dB tamper alert and a tamper warning is sent to the app. Moreover, in case of tampering, the lock has a built-in precision GPS that allows the bike to be tracked. The Sentinel NV lock is the future of bicycle locks.

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