11 May 2020

The EU Commission has been told that investing in cycling is a unique opportunity to help recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and launch the EU’s flagship Green Deal.

Six cycling organisations have signed an Open letter to the EU Commission and Parliament leadership on climate change and mobility showing that new “COVID-lanes” combined with support for e-bikes can relieve pressures on public transport and stimulate green growth in the line with the EU Green Deal. The calls for action follow the Cycling Industries Europe 2020 Summit on 28th April, where high level EU officials and cycling leaders all made the case for cycling to be supported by the EU. The call for action spells out €11billion of investments to deliver the plans.

Kevin Mayne, Chief Executive of Cycling Industries Europe and architect of the proposals, said: “It is clear that this is the time for cycling to make its case at the heart of the EU. I am delighted to be joined by our partners in the cycling movement to make a united case for cycling as COVID recovery, sustainable mobility and an economic driver across the whole of the EU”.

The signatories of the Open letter were: Cycling Industries Europe; European Cyclists’ Federation; Confederation of the European Bicycle Industries; European Cycle Logistics Federation; European Bicycle Manufacturers’ Association; International Mountain Biking Association Europe.

The full text of the letter is here.

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