12 Jul 2019

Cycling represents over 600,000 jobs in Europe, representing an employment sector that is bigger than coal, steel or mining. And within our sector there are a huge diversity of businesses, from bike makers and retailers right through to services such as app makers and tourism outlets.

Cycling Industries Europe’s mission is to support those businesses, share their expertise and allow their combined voices to speak to policy makers at all levels in Europe.

Therefore, we are delighted that our latest round of new members highlight the true diversity of cycling business, both in size, scale and in their business areas.

This means not only do we have a stronger voice, but our Expert Groups will become highly effective ways for businesses to collaborate, because there is always an expert partner in our networks who can help the overall development of the industry.

Here’s a brief pen-portrait of some of our recent joiners and the work areas. If you think your company should be here – get in touch!

Supporting Innovation and Start-ups

It is reported that the future strength of any business sector can be predicted by its success in promoting innovation, small businesses and start-ups. CIE is strengthened by three new members who represent this thread in our work.

Mount Bike Centre of Scotland.

Scotland’s national centre for mountain biking innovation and excellence supports businesses of all sizes in developing world-class biking products and services, especially through links to academic and business support. Their recently announced Innovation Centre will be a multi-million Euro centre of excellence for the whole of cycling.

E Novia

An Italian enterprise factory, which applies processes and methods to transform intellectual properties into technology based enterprises. Smart Mobility and Transportation are a strategic technology field for E Novia in which cycling plays a leading part.

VUF Bikes

VUF is an innovative start-up manufacturing and assembling cargo bikes in France with a regional partner from the Aerospace sector, supported by the national programme GreenTech (Ministry of Environment). These regional and national partnerships are important examples for CIE’s members about how to get institutional support for business.

Strengthening the bike sharing sector

With the launch of our Expert Group for bike sharing we are delighted to be re-joined by a number of companies who were previously supporters of the Platform for European Bike Sharing and Systems (PEBSS), one of the predecessor platforms for CIE. Together our members are operating in more than 300 cities with 63 million journeys covered in 2018 in Europe.

Donkey Republic

Operating in 13 countries Donley Republic’s goal is convenient and affordable bike and ebike sharing delivered in responsible, environmentally and financially sustainable manner. Bike and ebike services to are supplied to both large and small cities, whereby the company or a partner operates the bicycles.


A Spanish company operating globally Ride-On specializes in mobility solutions addressing the environmental and transportation concerns arising in small, medium-sized and large cities. The company goal is to create innovative solutions through the combination of design, technology and experience in the development of Bike Sharing Mobility.


As a leading global provider of bike sharing solutions and urban mobility pioneer, PBSC’s team develops, markets and operates – directly through its subsidiary operator, or indirectly through a global network of local partners – advanced and customizable urban solutions for smart cities. deployed around the world.

Expert partners for government

Business makes a big impact for cycling at local level, especially when experts who really understand cycling and its needs are able to advise local governments on effective solutions for cyclists. Two of our new members are highly influential suppliers to governments across the globe as well as giving CIE new insights into cycling policy.

Urban Movement

A consultancy of transport planners, landscape architects, traffic engineers, and urban designers who work collaboratively and inclusively to make towns and cities better for all through shaping their streets and spaces. Projects have had this effect in town and city centres, in high streets, at major stations, in local centres and public spaces, along busy corridors, and in new developments.


Specialized in pedestrian and bicycle counting solutions, Eco-Counter offers a complete range of products from sensors to data analysis software for use in measurement, research and innovation. Clients in more than 50 countries include some of the most beautiful natural areas and advanced cities in active transportation policy.

Bike and part makers – supporting industrial advocacy

Alongside these broad business areas CIE continues to grow our constituency of bicycle and parts makers, companies who both influence the market and benefit directly when advocacy creates more cyclists. Two of our new joiners represent that concept perfectly – innovating and supporting the sector.

General Motors/ARIV

GM is recognisable as one of the world’s biggest car makers, but from 2019 it is a new entrant into the electric bicycle market under the brand ARIV. GM’s next generation urban e-bikes are now on the market in Europe. The company blends bike and automotive experience both in its products and support for the development of the industry.


A leading Italian company specialising in brakes, especially for e-bikes. A product highlight is a revolutionary anti-lock braking system (ABS) capable of making the riding experience safer and more enjoyable.

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