11 Feb 2020

The cargo bike and cycle logistics industries can clearly contribute to the EU Urban Mobility Policy and the objective of the Green Deal, which is for Europe to become the world’s first climate neutral continent. This is the belief of the CIE Cargo Bikes and Cycle Logistics Expert Group, who met on January 14th to elaborate further on their goal to get cargo bikes to replace vans in 32% of delivery trips and in 50% of service trips; a potential that has been proven by research.

Hosted by CIE and ECLF and supported by the City Changer Cargo Bike (CCCB) project, the twenty cargo-bike and cycle-logistics experts defined four priorities:

  1. Active participation in the development of the European standard (EN) for cargo bikes;
  2. Marketing & Communication;
  3. Financing the growth;
  4. Cycle logistics services & systems.

These four priorities will be tackled in Task Groups, the first of which has already started operations. An expert group representative attended on 20th January, the 1st meeting of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) TC 333/Working Group 9 on Cargo Bikes as an accredited observer. The meeting looked into a risk analysis of cargo bikes and the scope of an EN standard for cargo bikes.

Until the next meeting of Working Group 9, held on 25th March in Brussels, the CIE Expert Group will consult its network in view of the suggested scope and market size estimates as a contribution to the discussions.

All other Task Groups are also in the process of being set up and develop their own work plans.

If you are interested in joining the Expert Group and becoming involved in the above Task Groups, contact Ayse Sumer, CIE and ECLF Programme and Networks Manager (a.sumer(at)cyclingindustries.com)

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