22 Oct 2019

On 15th October 2019 about 40 representatives of companies and industries from the cycling business sector met in Brussels for the kick-off meeting of Europe’s first Expert Group on Cargo Bikes and Cycle Logistics. EU Cargo Bike and Logistics Operators as Babboe, Urban Arrow, UPS, Douze Cycles, Uber, Flevobike and many others took part in the meeting organised by Cycling Industries Europe (CIE) and the European Cycle Logistics Federation (ECLF). They discussed the potential sale of 2 million new cargo bikes per year by 2030.

Speakers from the European Commission and city delegates supported the idea, considering the enhancement of cargo bikes perfectly in line with the EU zero emissions and carbon neutrality strategy. Coordinators of the City Changer Cargo Bike (CCCB) project showcased the impact and the results achieved so far by CCCB, highlighting how boosting cargo bikes would benefit the quality of life of EU citizens and would match the climate target goals in the transport sector. Furthermore, it would boost the economy creating new jobs and opportunities.

Peter Harris, International Sustainability Director of UPS said: “Sustainable logistics is not an easy path, but it is possible thanks to the progress that has been made in engineering. It will take time, money and collaborative commitment from industry, government and civil society to get right. Starting this expert group means we are on the right path”.

Cargo Bikes have huge potential in terms of professional users (business) and private users (domestic). Studies and researches show that in the future cargo bikes could play a key role in the urban mobility, replacing vans in 32% of delivery trips and in 50% of service trips.

Jorrit Kreek, Co-founder of Urban Arrow said: “We really look forward to the development of this expert group. Cargo bikes will be at the core of cycling sales in the coming years and being part of this expert group means working together to make it happen”.

The expert group has identified four working areas to focus on such as finance, services & systems, marketing & communication and standards.

About 20 more companies that were not physically represented at the meeting expressed their interest in being involved in the expert group.

Already in June 2019, Cycling Industries Europe (CIE) and the European Cycle Logistics Federation (ECLF) announced their strategic partnership to strengthen the impact and industrial coordination of the cargo bike sector at the ECLF 2019 Conference ‘Smarter Last Mile Deliveries by cargo bike’ held in Dublin, Ireland. They have combined forces to create a stronger advocacy voice for cycle logistics businesses in EU and national government policies.

If you would like to receive more information or if you are interested in joining the CIE Expert Group on Cargo Bikes and Cycle Logistics please contact Matteo Candelari at m.candelari(at)cyclingindustries.com.

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