The Final Conference of the City Changer Cargo Bike Project

13th and 14th July, Frankfurt, in partnership with the Eurobike Convention.


City Changer Cargo Bike (CCCB) was commissioned in 2018 to exploit the limitless potential of cargo bikes promoting their usage amongst public, private, and commercial users. Supported by the Horizon2020 programme, CCCB brings together 22 partners including cities, research institutions, NGOs, and industries from all over Europe in the quest to achieve a faster, more cost-effective and larger scale deployment of this sustainable mobility option. Since 2019 CCCB has raise awareness and support the uptake of cargo bikes and cargo bike initiatives. In doing so, the project has fostered exciting developments that - among other things - offer more sustainable logistics operations, improve public spaces, engage citizens, and reduce traffic congestion.

Now the project is coming to an end and it is time to recognize the amazing transformation that has been achieved, both by the project, its many partners and our associates all over the world. It seems that every year is now “the year of the cargo bike”, benefitting Europe’s environment, economies and quality of life more and more.

We are delighted to partner with EUROBIKE to provide a final conference for the CCCB project that covers all aspects of the project, from cities to business.

In  2018, EUROBIKE offered the young and dynamic cargo bike sector  a prominent international platform: The  CARGO AREA. Today it is a major part of EUROBIKE’s Future Mobility Hall in Frankfurt. More than 50 exhibitors will present the newest cargo bikes for private and commercial use. A new CARGO AREA lounge and stage as well as the premiere of the Cargobike EuroCup underline the growing relevance of cargo bikes.  

CCCB partner is also a Eurobike collaborator. “EUROBIKE in Frankfurt is the place to be for the cargo bike sector,” explains founder Arne Behrensen. “Messe Frankfurt is an international top address with a distinguished automotive tradition that is now becoming the new home of the bicycle industry. And in the streets of the city, the cargo bike revolution is already in full swing. We’re looking forward to Frankfurt!”

Come and join the cargo bike revolution!


  • 13th July CCCB project is a partner of the Eurobike Convention
  • 14th July is Cargo Bike Day!

13th July 10.00 to 18.00, Eurobike Convention

The conference will focus on "Designing the Future of Mobility" and will place bicycles and e-bikes as means of transport at the centre of the ecosystem of future mobility. The aim of the conference is exchange, dialogue and discussion with all those involved in the future of bicycle mobility including policy makers, administration, planning, economy, science and civil society.

This event brings together the different target groups in new formats. From research to bicycle companies. From politicians to process design. From IT to infrastructure.

Programme highlights:

Keynote: German Federal Minister für Digital and Transport, Dr Volker Wissing, MP

Planning and designing the city of tomorrow

A bicycle-friendly city requires a massive reconstruction of our current infrastructure. For this, new planning and design options are needed both for short-term quick implementation and for long transformation processes. How can the cycling industry support cities in the design of tomorrow? What do real laboratories of cooperation for the city of the future look like?

Confirmed so far, city of Hamburg, City of Utrecht (coordinator of the CCCB project) , Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg (Berlin), German Ministry of Transport

Corporate mobility

Corporate mobility is understood to be both business mobility, logistics and customer or visitor transport, as well as the way to work. In order to make corporate mobility more sustainable, the synergies between companies and municipalities can be used to discuss questions of infrastructure, services, communication and culture. That's the way to make company mobility a catalyst for the mobility transition.

Confirmed so far Fraport (Frankfurt Airport), city Osnabrück, Brompton, Jobrad, Rose GmbH, City of Aachen

Local mobility interfaces

The different transport modes of local mobility must be better linked with each other in a digital and analogue way. How can the actors involved be better connected with each other in order to better shape the mobility promise for users? What do real labs of cooperation for the interfaces of local mobility look like in terms of digitalisation and infrastructure?

Confirmed so far: Deutsche Bahn, nextbike, city of Barcelona, city of Ulm, city of Offenburg, Citydecks, Changing Cities

18:00 Cargobike Area party

Celebrating the success of the City Changer Cargo Bike Project together with the cargo bike family at Eurobike. Party in the Cargo Area with bikes, drinks and music.

14th July Cargo bike day

10:15 -13:00 Programmes and policies

  • Keynote: Province of Utrecht, CCCB Project coordinator - From niche to mainstream – the impact of the CCCB project
  • City roundtable: “North to South, East to West“ – secrets of success from 10 European cities that have used cargo bike programmes for city transformation.
  • Business panel: leading companies share how the business of logistics and last mile services can be transformed by cycling. (Invitees include Amazon Logistics, Fedex, DPD)
  • Cargo bikes for Europe: Advocates, business associations and EU institutions look at the lessons learned from CCCB and how they have become mainstream policy across Europe. (invitees includeEU Commission DG Move and European Cyclists’ Federation)
  • Keynote: Kevin Mayne, CEO of Cycling Industries Europe – towards 1 million new cargo bikes per year on our streets – how to make it happen

14:00-18:00 Cargobike Academy

  • Cargobike & Politics: Market Data, Promotion and Regulation
  • Cargo bike & components: the challenge of robustness and availability
  • Cargobike & Infrastructure: Legal and structural solutions
  • Cargo bike & safety: The way to the European industrial standard

Tickets and registration

All tickets can be bought through the Eurobike Portal here.

We recommend the purchase of a two-ticket combination to benefit from the CCCB Final Conference and Eurobike Convention.

  • EUROBIKE CONVENTION: Fair + Conference 13.07.2022               159 €
  • And: 1-day ticket trade visitor for 14.07.2022                                   63 €



This work is supported by the City Changer Cargo Bike Project


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