Ysabel Hoogeveen

Second hand, first choice: This month, we caught up with Ysabel Hoogeveen, Marketing Manager at Upway and active member in CIE's Cycling Industry Sustainability Expert Group, to share her thoughts on the future and challenges of the cycling industry. 

1. Can you give us a brief description of Upway?

Upway offers the largest choice of refurbished e-bikes in Europe (more than 1500 models, more than 100 brands), at an affordable price (up to -60% and from 500€), delivered to your home in less than 72h and guaranteed for 1 year because it was repaired by our team of mechanics. 


2. What cycling trends are you most excited to see by the year 2030? And by 2050?

By 2030, I am excited to see more people adopting electric bikes and cargo bikes for transportation, as well as the development of more sustainable materials for cycling gear and equipment. By 2050, I hope to see a shift towards more equitable and inclusive cycling infrastructure, with a greater emphasis on bike-friendly cities and rural areas.

3. What do you see as a major challenge in the cycling industry, and how can CIE play a role in overcoming that challenge?

One major challenge in the cycling industry is promoting safety and reducing accidents on the road. CIE can play a role in this by advocating for better infrastructure, education programs, and policies that prioritize the safety of cyclists. Additionally, CIE can work to increase awareness of the benefits of cycling for both individuals and the environment.


4. What or who in the cycling industry inspires you?

What inspires me in the cycling industry are the individuals and organizations working towards greater accessibility and inclusivity in cycling. This includes groups like Black Girls Do Bike and Cycling Without Age, which aim to make cycling more accessible to underrepresented communities.


5. Describe in 5 words how cycling is saving the world.

We challenged Ysabel to tell us in just five words how cycling is saving the world:

Removing the brakes on electric mobility: Explore and learn more about Upway here!