Geveko Markings

Anders Wellving

This month, we sat down with CIE Member Anders Wellving, Business Development Manager at Geveko Markings and member of CIE's Market Impact & Intelligence Expert Group, to tell us his thoughts on the future, challenges and inspirations in the cycling industry.


1. Can you give us a brief description of Geveko Markings?

Geveko Markings is an almost 100 year old company with our roots in Scandinavia. We are a leading supplier of road markings and other horizontal markings for traffic safety, cycling infrastructure, decorative purposes and much more. Horizontal markings that are used all over the world to improve safety of our infrastructure for drivers and cyclists alike. 


2. What cycling trends are you most excited to see by the year 2030? By 2050?

I’m excited to see how shifts in transportation habits, increased cycling, and new modes of active mobility will transform infrastructure in our cities. E-bikes and Cargo bikes, being only two examples that are already creating new possibilities, but also new challenges in city planning. For example, how should space be allocated, how will safety/or the feeling of safety be increased, and how do we inspire the next generation of cyclists. 


3. What do you see as a major challenge in the cycling industry, and how can CIE play a role in overcoming that challenge?

There should be a sustainable development of cycling over time, and measures need to be taken to maintain and expand the momentum that we have seen for cycling the past couple of years.  For example, how do we increase cycling across all age groups – primarily children. 

For several reasons we need to ensure a positive development of cycling, and of course well developed infrastructure, the industry and CIE plays an important part for those initiatives.


4. What myth or stereotype about cycling and/or the industry needs to be debunked?

This is a difficult question to answer and this might be more of a fact… but as a solution for many challenges in society today, I believe that the bicycle, to a higher degree, will be part in shaping our cities, politics and every day lives. As a natural part of the transportation mix and a tool for commute, sports, leisure, tourism, logistics etc, I am sure that cycling and the benefits it provides will keep rising on the global agenda.


5. Describe in 5 words how cycling is saving the world.

We challenged Anders to tell us in just five words how cycling is saving the world: