Bart Visser

Conneqtech, active since 2015, connects mobility to the Internet of Things via innovative solutions, and offers convenience, security, efficiency and safety to their customers. In partnership with AXA Bike Security, who have worked on bicycle and cyclist protection for over 115 years, Conneqtech established AXA IN in 2017. AXA IN makes every bike intelligent, safe and secure. As a result, bike owners and users can gain insight in the use of their bike anytime and anywhere, and retrieve their bike back when stolen. AXA IN opens avenues for new revenue models and one on one direct contact with the end user. It offers a complete worry-free and scalable solution, comprised of full service and support in setting up the smart bike proposition, the hardware modules, as well as the software and apps.

  1. What are you most excited about for 2020?
    New opportunities and a positive change in behavior with increased bicycle usage, which I hope is here to stay. We also see an increase in the adaptation of connected bikes with OEM, sharing, cargo and delivery.
  2. What do you see as a major challenge in the cycling industry and how can CIE play a role in overcoming that challenge?
    The main challenge is making cycling safer and more attractive for daily commuters. By use of data, CIE can convince national and local governments about the positive impact of cycling on health and environment, in comparison to cars.
  3. What/who in the cycling industry inspires you?
    It is exciting to see that such a small team [CIE] is able to unite the industry for common interests. Although we are competitors in the bicycle industry, we are united when it comes to achieving our mutual goals.
  4. Describe in 5 words how cycling is saving the world?
    Cycling creates happy, healthy people and a green planet.