15 Apr 2024

CIE has coordinated and is promoting several initiatives linked to cycling and ITS in the past month. Read below to find out more and for any further information, feel free to contact Sam Pierce (s.pierce(at)cyclingindustries) on how you can join-in on this activity!


On Thursday the 11th of April, CIE Members and MegaBITS partners took part in the "Pedalling Towards Cycling Data Standardisation" webinar jointly held by Polis and NAPCORE.

Emil Tin, partner from the City of Copenhagen, talked about how their city is using bike data to manage cyclist flows on a day-to-day basis for traffic management purposes, as well as longer term planning for cycling infrastructure. Laure De Cock from Imec, the technical partner from MegaBITS, presented insights about the research they've done for MegaBITS, including several CIE Members, on 'Floating Bike Data', including the challenges in defining this data set and the distribution of this data amongst stakeholders within the cycling ecosystem.

It was also an opportunity for the European Commission to inform participants of the progress being made regarding the European Mobility Data Space. Of specific interest for the cycling industry is the Innovation and Scaling group of the Deploy EMDS project where approximately 20 representatives from companies, SMEs, start-ups and academia. The purpose of this group is to foster collaboration between stakeholders on use-cases of the European Mobility Data Space. A webinar will be held on the topic on the 24th of April. 

The webinar was an invaluable opportunity in bringing together cities, European transport and mobility data platforms, and the cycling industry, and we're excited to explore this collaboration further for the future. 


MegaBITS is partnering with imecCycling Industries EuropeEuropean Cyclists'​ Federation, and Stad Gent to organize the fifth edition of Smart Pedal Pitch as part of the Velo-city conference 2024 (18-21 June). This initiative offers startups with promising cycling innovative technologies amongst others an opportunity to showcase their innovations to their key audience at Velo-city and to pilot their product on the streets of Ghent.

Applications are now open so visit the Smart Pedal Pitch webpage for more information on how to apply! Applications are open until 1 May so get moving!


On the 12th and 13th of March, MegaBITS Partners gathered in Copenhagen, for the third in-person Steering Group meeting. Here, partners exchanged ideas and created a roadmap for achieving project goals for the upcoming meeting in six months. Key highlights included:

  • Emphasis on cooperation among cities and regions in early implementation stages to maximize impact.

  • Commitment to developing new data sources to enhance the cycling experience, particularly focusing on ‘Floating Bike Data’.

  • Exploration of synergies with other European initiatives such as The Meridian project and NAPCORE, along with potential collaborations with external cities. Partners are also eager to collaborate on cycle data standards, with organizations like POLIS Network.

We would like to thank all the partners for their presence, with a special appreciation to Københavns Kommune for hosting the Steering Group meeting, and to Interreg North Sea Programme for their attendance.

If you wish to learn more about the MegaBITS project, feel free to contact s.pierce(at)cyclingindustries.com for more information.

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