21 Sep 2021

Women in Cycling at Velo-city in Lisbon

For the first time in Velo-city history, ten women took the stage in a session dedicated to the Women in Cycling network. Launched in February 2021, the network aims to help women working in the cycling network gain more visibility, impact and leading seats in the cycling sector. The Velo-city conference offered an opportunity for the network to meet face to face for the first time to discuss the ways of bringing diversity into the cycling sector and the different possibilities of collaboration.

The panel discussion welcomed ten inspiring women from various parts of the cycling sector, from politicians and cycling advocates to industry representatives and journalists. Joining the panel and sharing from her experience as a politician, Brussels Mobility Minister Elke Van den Brandt said: “If you want to create effective policy in any sector, you need to involve as many perspectives as possible. With all these talented women there is no excuse left not to include women in cycling decision making.”

All speakers underlined the importance of creating more opportunities for women in cycling to network, exchange and support each other: “If we want diversity we need diversity on the boards and elsewhere where the decisions are made!”

The session was followed by networking drinks with the WIC founders and ambassadors.

As a first tool to help women gain more visibility, the Women In Cycling network has opened an Expertise Portal where women affiliated in the cycling sector can sign up and tag their key expertise. The aim of the portal is to give more opportunities for women - anyone looking for women for speaking opportunities, panels or keynotes at events, expertise, board places, projects or networking can find them on the portal.

Women In Cycling has also created a LinkedIn group with more than 1100 members signed up.


Women In Cycling Kicks off the European Mobility Week in Brussels

Thursday, 16 September, the Women in Cycling Network joined forces with the Belgian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Mobility, Georges Gilkinet, and Les Hirond'Elles de Molembike Project, to launch the EU Mobility Week in Brussels. 

The group led by Lauha Fried and Lee Firman from Cycling Industries Europe and Jill Warren and Caroline Cerfontaine from ECF cycled together across sunny Brussels with Sarah Schlitz the Secretary of State of Gender Equality, Equal Opportunities and Diversity and Brussels Minister of Mobility, Elke Van den Brandt. 

Together, they visited the Molembike Project at Tour et Taxis – a program that not only teaches migrant women how to cycle and repair bikes, but also demonstrates utilizing the bicycle as a tool of liberation and empowerment.


Women in Cycling at Eurobike in Germany

Earlier this autumn, Women in Cycling was featured at Eurobike in Germany. On behalf of Women in Cycling, Jill Warren of ECF and Isabell Eberlein of Velokonzept hosted two panel discussions on Diversity in the Cycling Sector and Supporting Women – How can we all help each other?  A group of inspiring women joined for an interactive discussion on diversifying the cycling sector and how to effectively collaborate and realise our common vision for gender inclusivity.

The ultimate goal of Women in Cycling is to diversify the cycling sector.  The first panel focused on the status quo in the cycling industry with an aim to define the tools and approaches that will help make the cycling industry more diverse and inclusive.

The second panel focused on how to support women and help each other. With Women in Cycling we already connect industry, civil society, research, sports and infrastructure. This is an incredible and powerful platform of allies who effect progress on gender inclusivity across the entire cycling sector. Questions discussed at the panel included: How can we collaborate effectively to harness this power and realise our vision? Are there good role models we can learn from?


Women In Cycling at Electronomous International Mobility Summit

22 September, 12:30 CET
We're proud to announce the upcoming session, Women in Cycling: The Future of Cycling, featuring an all-woman-panel from our WIC Network.

Panelists will tackle questions around the future of cycling including: Will cycling be a means of mobility for everyone, with a broad range of cycling ‘machines’ that fit the needs of many? Will we see a continued interest in cycles as speedy machines that can compete with the car? Will we see room for cycling in cities and towns? And will cycling for tourism and leisure boom around the globe?

Secure your spot here and choose the third ticket option: International Mobility Summit 20-24 Sept 2021 – Online. Find Angela van der Kloof's post in the Women in Cycling LinkedIn Group for your free code!


Pictured: The Women in Cycling Network, Georges Gilkinet, Sarah Schlitz, Elke Van den Brandt, and Les Hirond'Elles de Molembike Project launching EU Mobility Week in Brussels.
Photo by: Mouhammadou Sy

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