07 Sep 2020


Boosting diversity in the cycling sector

CIE is launching a Women in Cycling network, in partnership with the European Cyclists’ Federation, CONEBI, Velokonzept and Mobycon, to boost equality and diversity in the sector, bring women working in the cycling sector in the spotlight and to provide networking, mentoring and training opportunities. We seek to facilitate a platform which will improve the presence of women in board places, panels, conferences, interviews and jobs.

As part of the activities supporting the launch of the network, CIE and its partners have designed a survey to gain a first insight into the state of affairs in terms of gender diversity among member companies and organisations. The results of the survey will help us gauge where we are starting, how much needs to be done for improved gender balance, and will guide us in developing mentorship and training workshops and programs.

Therefore, it would be very important for us that as many of you as possible working for the cycling sector would participate in this survey, so that we get an overview that is as comprehensive as possible. Note that the survey is for everyone male and female and is anonymous, so responses cannot be traced back to a specific organisation or individual. It should not take more than five minutes to complete the survey. Thank you for your time!

Take the survey here

Photo © “Mellbin”

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