25 Feb 2022

Since the Covid pandemic started in 2020, CIE’s Business Impact Surveys have become the go-to resource for companies and EU officials to get an overall picture of the state of the cycling sector.

In March 2020 it was CIE that first reported industry revenues down in 72% of companies and 67% of the industry needing support from their governments to survive the early impacts of Covid. Further surveys showed the transition from lockdown to growth as coordinated advocacy put more and more cyclists on the road in 2020 and 2021.

By the time of CIE’s fourth survey in 2021 94% of companies were planning to take on more staff and it was supply chain issues that provided the major challenge for the bikes and accessories sectors, while the bike share sector was still working below pre-pandemic levels as working from home reduced daily commuting.

This comprehensive set of indicators enabled CIE to feed key information into EU policy makers and show how the cycling sector was the few areas of transport and tourism showing positive business numbers during the pandemic, encouraging governments and the EU to invest still more in a winning industrial sector.

Now its time to update the results for the end of 2021, with CIE members providing their exclusive insights into the key numbers that drive the industry and their forecast on key trends for staffing, business investments and supply chain for 2022. All CIE members are invited to load up their data over the next few days and then the health check will for the basis for updating our key audiences about the key messages.

From global giants to start-ups CIE members provide an invaluable European resource for any company or policy maker wanting to understand the dynamics of cycling business. Our Expert Groups provide a platform for a detailed dive into the key issues per sector and the data from our surveys provides a unique resource for monitoring the health of each industrial sector. 

If your company is missing out on the key information you need to drive your business – join CIE today! Any company joining before the end of March 2022 will get access to the results of the Business impact Survey, plus results of some key research commissioned by CIE on the state of supply chains in Europe which will be available shortly after.

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