Spain Article

05 Sep 2023

On July 27th, the Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility, and Urban Agenda announced the allocation of €500 million from the European Next Generation funds to promote active mobility and foster the development of greener more environmentally urban environments across 112 municipalities in Spain.

Crucially, out of the €500 million, 50.2% will be directed towards the advancement of active mobility through initiatives such as the creation and refurbishment of cycling lanes, pedestrianisation of street, and the installation of bicycle rental stations. Additionally, an allocation of €57 million will be dedicated to creating and renovating 200 kilometres of cycling lanes, while over €28 million will be channelled into public bike-sharing programs and other personal mobility projects.

Approximately €11 million will also be invested in the digitalization and implementation of Intelligent Transport Systems technology for bicycles, aimed at promoting cycling by increasing safety and convenience. Such financial commitment, in combination with the previously granted €1000 million, brings the total investment to €1,500 million, dedicated to the decarbonization and digitalization of urban mobility.

This substantial investment in cycling showcases its continued significance as the preferred mode of transport. Such investments in cycling infrastructure are vital, particularly due to the Spanish Climate Change Law, which mandates the implementation of low-emission zones in all municipalities with populations equal to or exceeding 50,000 residents, as well as provincial capitals.

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