06 Aug 2020

The Chair of the CIE-ECLF Cargo Bikes and Cycle Logistics Experts Group, Richard Armitage talks to Cycling Industry News about the increasing importance of cargo bikes and cycle logistics and the incredible growth the sector is experiencing at the moment. Big thanks to Richard Armitage and Mark Sutton for featuring cargo bikes and cycle logistics in the July issue of Cycling Industry News!

Spiking sales in the cargo bikes market confirm a trend that already started some years ago and that the green post-covid recovery can even accelerate as the recent market surveys show.

The cargo bike responds exactly to the needs of a carbon neutrality society: it is zero emission, quiet, safe, and efficient.

Cargo bikes have the potential to replace vans in 32% of delivery trips and in 50% of service trips as recent studies and researches show. That's why the Experts of the Group set the ambitious goal of 2 million cargo bikes sales per year by 2030.

You can read the full piece here.

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