05 Sep 2023

Here’s you’re invitation to be part of the MegaBITS journey! CIE and partners of the MegaBITS project are excited to announce the MegaBITS Pitching Session!

Is your company developing a next generation app for cycle mapping and routing? Or maybe you’re pioneering on-bike sensors that will guide greater integration of bike2vehicle connectivity? CIE is looking for leading cycling tech companies to pitch their revolutionary products and services to the partner cities and regions of the MegaBITS project. This includes the Province of Overijssel (NL), the Province of Antwerp (BE), the City of Copenhagen (DK), the City of Hamburg (DE) and Le Havre-Seine Métropole (FR), all of whom are planning to procure new technologies for implementation during the project. They’re looking for the cutting-edge technologies that will make their cycling infrastructure, policy and planning leading lights on the global cycling stage!

Innovative cycling technology solutions should align with the three focus areas below:

Focus Areas

1. Journey Planning and Infrastructure

Imagine a city where your daily commute on a bike is a breeze. MegaBITS wants to explore radical technologies such as routing algorithms, smart traffic lights, counters, dynamic lighting, bike parking solutions, intelligent speed adaptation (ISA) and any other innovations that will redefine how urban landscapes are navigated by bike.

2. On-Bike Technologies

MegaBITS isn't just about the streets; it's about the very core of the cycling experience. We're talking about on-bike technologies that connect the rider to vehicles and infrastructure (bike2vehicle and bike2infrastructure) and enable data sharing between cyclists (bike2X). Technologies that improve bike connectivity are key here.

3. Data Management and Analysis

Data is the key to unlocking smarter cities and MegaBITS aims to empower cities with the tools to harness cycling data. We're talking about floating bike data and dashboards for monitoring, optimizing and improving traffic flows, and integration of cycling data within traffic management systems. Improving cycling data management and analysis means improved planning and policy, as what is tracked is measured, so technology that delivers here will improve cycling for all.


The pitching session will take place online on October 17th. Approximately 40 minutes will be dedicated to each focus area. 5-minute pitches and a short Q&A will structure the session. If you’d like to participate, contact communications(at)cyclingindustries.com

Are you ready to pedal towards a brighter, more sustainable urban future? Join us in taking the first step towards a cityscape transformed by cycling and innovation.

About MegaBITS

MegaBITS is an Interreg North Sea Region project Implementing Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) technologies for cycling in five flagships within the region. The project runs from 2023 to 2026 and is set to transform the way we think about cycling. It will embed cycling ITS in mobility governance on a local, regional, and EU level to improve the safety, comfort, and convenience of cyclists. Put simply, MegaBITS will bring digitalization of the cycling sector to the next level for a happy cycling experience! See more at https://www.interregnorthsea.eu/megabits

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