13 Nov 2019

The most recent group of CIE new members are a reflection on exciting opportunities for growth in all sectors of cycling. They have been attracted by opportunities to steer the direction of the industries in the sector and to work with other companies in Expert Groups that will provide the detailed recommendations to grow each CIE work area.

Included in this latest announcement are global leaders in the e-bike, bike sharing and cargo bike sectors together with energetic start-ups that are bringing innovation and new services to the market.

This means not only do we have a stronger voice, but our Expert Groups will become highly effective ways for businesses to collaborate, because there is always an expert partner in our networks who can help the overall development of the industry.

CIE warmly welcomes all the new members onboard, we look forward to working together to drive the sector forward.

Here’s a brief pen-portrait of some of our recent joiners and the work areas. Your company should be here – join us!

Bikes and parts makers in CIE – the bike industry of the future

Bafang is well known in the e-bike sector as a provider of drive systems and components to many leading brands. Recognising the importance of Europe’s world-leading e-bike market it has recently become opened a production facility in Poland and new sales office in Germany. Eventually Bafang Poland could be able to produce 600,000 e-bike drive systems, which reflects CIE’s projections of continued growth in the sector.

Phylion Battery Co. is one of the world’s leading providers of lithium-ion batteries for the bicycle and light electric vehicle sector. Phylion has developed as a partner alongside the e-bike industry, starting in 2003, opening its European office in 2009 and now celebrating the milestone of producing 10 million units for the sector.

Urban Arrow is a leading cargo bike company supplying both the consumer and business to business markets. Urban Arrow has made a rapid contribution to CIE’s 2019 work, hosting our cargo bike party at Eurobike and joining October’s cyclelogistics and cargo bike Expert Group launch. Urban Arrow will also join our Bike Sharing Expert Group to explore the potential for shared cargo bikes.

Airwinder is a start-up company which has created a patented self-inflating tyre which can be fitted to all types of bikes. The technology enables riders to maintain optimum riding pressures, reducing punctures and increasing comfort.

Bike sharing experts for all aspects of the industry.

Smoove is the bike sharing company created in France in 2008 which designs, manufactures, installs and provides the after sales follow up and maintenance of bike-share systems and additional bike services. Smoove has joined CIE to support our Bike Sharing Expert Group and company founder Laurent Mercat has recently been elected chair of the group.

Moventia is a public transport operator that is fully aware of the importance of intermodality between the various means of transport in a city and sustainable transport. Moventia launched a strategic commitment to the Public Bicycle Service in 2011 and now works through partnerships with cities and other bike sharing companies in multiple countries.

Rocksteady is an example of new businesses entering the cycling industries that offer new business services to our growing sectors. Their decals, signage and advertising for Smart Cities, Bike Sharing, Docking Stations, Last Mile Delivery and Cargo Bikes allow anyone to easily create and control their advertising, branding and signage through one platform.

Urban Sharing provides a software platform for bike sharing and micromobility operators which is used by the bike share systems of Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stockholm and Edinburgh. Urban Sharing was recently listed by Newsweek as one of the top 100 companies in the Smart City category of the 2019 Momentum Awards.

Connected services and connected bikes for connected mobility.

Conneqtech is a fast-growing company providing both e-bike manufacturers and the bike sharing sector with connectivity devices and packages of services to create a full customer, finance and data business system. Conneqtech’s GPS Trackers are specialist devices for organisations, with more than 15000 online trackers in use. Conneqtech expects to be active in several of CIE’s Expert Groups, sharing knowledge on how different solutions interconnect and overlap.

eBikeLabs builds the connected units or “brains” for e-bike fleets used by bike-sharing operators, companies and local authorities. eBikeLabs shares CIE’s mission to accelerate the adoption of shared electric bicycles into cities which is good for the environment and health. To do this they use technology to make e-bike fleets that are reliable, theft-proof, sustainable and profitable.

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