21 Nov 2023

CIE has significantly extended its potential to give the cycling sector access to standardized and interoperable data sets by signing collaborations with expert partners in mobility data.

On November 7th at the NAPCORE Mobility Days in Budapest the association signed two new Memoranda of Understanding (MOU). Working with European Parking Association (EPA) the partners aim to extend the existing Alliance for Parking Data Standards (APDS) to cycle parking.  A similar agreement with ITxPT aims to solve the challenges such as standardization of data exchanges within the cycling ecosystem, interoperability of specifications and standards used in urban mobility and preparing for European regulations that relate to digitalised mobility services.

CIE believes these collaborations will extend the work of all three associations to provide standardised and interoperable data to industry, public authorities, transport operators, and other stakeholders. Similarly to CIE, ITxPT and EPA are working to build more efficient, sustainable, and attractive mobility offers for all travellers. Their work complements CIE as they are representing different stakeholders in the mobility ecosystem, and they share some common aims in the extension of data use and standards at EU level.

CIE’s Chief Executive Kevin Mayne said “If we want cycling to be integrated into every aspect of mobility we have to be at the forefront of digital technologies, both for the efficiency of our companies and accessibility for cyclists. CIE’s aim is to work with the most knowledgeable experts in every sector so the whole of cycling can learn and innovate based on their proven solutions. I am delighted that our new partners see the essential role of cycling in future mobility and we are looking forward to bringing our experts together.”

CIE’s Project Manager for Smart and Connected Cycling Sam Pierce explained further.

“Working with ITxPT can extend the groundbreaking integration of bike sharing standards into internationally recognised mobility data standards and look at wider issues such as infrastructure, real time data, multimodality and the improvement of data exchanges between public transport authorities and shared mobility operators. Also as cycle parking increases in scale, becomes more digitalized and introduces new business models it faces many challenges the car parking sector has already addressed. The pilot with EPA is an opportunity to share experiences and expertise in diverse use cases, for example cycle parking pilots in car parks, the installed parking of CIE’s members or cycle parking facilities located in the partner cities and regions of the MegaBITS project where CIE is a partner.”

CIE has been leading the cycling ecosystem strategy on development of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for cycling since it was founded in 2018. The Expert Group for Connected Cycling and ITS unites companies and innovators in the sector to exchange on technologies, data deployment and new business models. Expanding access to standardised data sets has been key to this work as it enables companies and public bodies to improve understanding of cycling and to create new business opportunities. CIE is a partner in the MegaBITS Project (Mobilising Europe’s Green Ambition Through Bicycles and Intelligent Transport Systems) which supports five flagship city initiatives to implement state of the art cycling and ITS. MegaBITS provides an opportunity to test and consult on potential best practice approaches for cycling and ITS. 

CIE has already been collaborating informally with EPA and ITxPT for some time, but these agreements bring the exchanges to a new practical level where common projects can be supported.

EPA is an international non-profit organization with the mission to facilitate cooperation between the professional parking organizations of the different European countries, the exchange and mutual support of professional experience among members and to advise the European Commission and other relevant international bodies on the role of effective parking and kerbside management in delivering sustainable urban mobility.

ITxPT is a non-profit association open to all companies and organizations with an interest in developing public transport into the most efficient, sustainable, and attractive means of travel. Its members are a mix of industry, operators, and authorities from all over the world. ITxPT’s mission is to enable interoperability between IT systems in Public Transport by offering public specification of an IT architecture based on standards with open interfaces for on-board, over-the-air and back-office IT systems.


CEO, Kevin Mayne officially sealing CIE's partnership with Tu-Tho Thai, Project leader at ITxPT


CEO, Kevin Mayne formalising CIE's collaboration with Nigel Williams, European Parking Association President 

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