30 Oct 2020

Today European leaders from across the continent called on EU and national authorities to invest in the cycling revolution. The European Cyclists' Federation and Cycling Industries Europe released a guidebook to help cities access the Recovery and Resilience Funds. 

"Cycling is by definition the best way of solving the problem of pollution in cities. Investments in safe and separated cycle infrastructure networks as part of the National Recovery and Resilience Plans would be a no-brainer and no-regret."

Frans Timmermans, European Commission Executive Vice-President 

This is the mantra voiced by Frans Timmermans, European Commission Vice-President, during the online event organized on Friday, 30 October 2020, by the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) and Cycling Industries Europe (CIE). Selected European leaders joined the Vice-President of the European Commission in an excited and inspiring discussion on #MoreCyling for a Green Recovery in Europe.

EU leaders seized the momentum to call on Frans Timmermans for a more lasting shift towards more cycling, that will benefit the climate, public health, and help deliver the ambitious targets of the EU Green Deal. The discussion highlighted the commitment and desire of EU mayors to invest in cycling in their cities.

In order to enable a cycling revolution, they need to efficiently integrate cycling in national action plans. ECF and CIE have created a set of recommendations for the national recovery and resilience plans. Any European city, region or government is encouraged to implement it, focusing on infrastructure and on bicycle access.

“More cycling must be at the heart of all European plans. First, we need to invest in infrastructure, to ensure accessible places for all citizens of all ages to cycle safety, for the whole length of their journey. Across the whole EU we predict that a minimum of 10 billion Euros is needed to enable more EU cities to catch up with the measures implemented since March of this year in cities like Paris.” 
Christophe Najdovski, City of Paris Deputy Mayor and ECF President.

“For many people in the EU it is not affordable or practical to have a bike today, especially an e-bike, or a cargo bike. Access to bikes must be the second pillar of every national resilience and recovery plan. We believe that every city in the EU with more than 50,000 inhabitants must have an affordable bike or e-bike sharing scheme, and all cities must ensure that bike sharing reaches all neighbourhoods.” 

Tony Grimaldi, CEO Cycleurope and CIE President.


This is a turning point for Europe and cycling proved to be an essential piece of the solution to today’s challenges. We need to ensure European cities will have enough fund and resources to allow #MoreCycling to arise all over in Europe.


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