15 Nov 2022

The International Mountain Biking Association Europe (IMBA Europe) and trade association Cycling Industries Europe (CIE) have announced a 3-year collaboration to support and grow mountain biking in Europe and called on all mountain bike brands to add their support.

The shared vision between the organisations is that that organisations and institutions from civil society, business and public sectors need to work together to use the potential of mountain biking for sustainable cities and communities and an active and healthy lifestyle for all.

IMBA Europe brings together national mountain biking advocacy organisations and professionals in the sector such as trail builders and MTB regions, while CIE represents many of the leading bike and component manufacturers in the mountain bike sector. The new collaboration will see the two sectors combine on shared issues like advocating for access to sustainable mountain bike and trails close-to-home and threats to countryside access which have become more common since the COVID pandemic.

IMBA Europe and CIE are committed to increasing and building further capacity for MTB advocacy in Europe through collaboration and knowledge sharing, positioning mountain biking as a solution to better health, sustainability, and economics of communities resulting in growth of MTB participation in all sectors of society.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between IMBA Europe and CIE will cover the period 2022-2024 and will see the two organisations work together on campaigns, on events and through joint expert groups. CIE will also provide funding from its membership fees for IMBA Europe’s core work.

CIE is now calling for all mountain bike brands in the European market to join a special interest group which will support the IMBA Europe collaboration and allow companies to combine forces on topics of common interest. SRAM, Specialized and WTB are already IMBA Europe supporters and will be joined by Trek in the new group. (Potential members can contact CIE through their web site to express an interest in joining.)
Quote from Thomas Larsen Schmidt, President of IMBA Europe:

I am thrilled about this new partnership between CIE and IMBA Europe. At IMBA Europe we know that to succeed as the leading advocacy organization on mountain biking in Europe we need to have capable and visionary partners and allies. In this partnership we have in CIE found an organization who look at cycling the same way IMBA Europe does. We both see cycling as one of the best tools in building a sustainable future. Furthermore, we share the same goals, more people on bikes and better cycling infrastructure and I am convinced we will achieve better results working together”.

Quote from Tony Grimaldi, President of Cycling Industries Europe:

“This is an important expansion of CIE’s support for advocacy communities in Europe who do such great work at local and national levels. We already provide support in the transport and tourism sectors, now we know we must step up to ensure that the potential of mountain biking is fully realised too. IMBA Europe is our natural partner to combine the mountain bike brands voice with the knowledge and passion of local champions.”

Media contacts
CIE: Kevin Mayne, CEO

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