20 Jan 2022

Leading European cycling advocacy organisations European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) and Cycling Industries Europe (CIE) have extended their long-standing collaboration for a further three years, with a shared ambition to build on the current political and business momentum in the sector.

Advocacy goals shared by ECF and CIE include pro-cycling policies at all levels of government across Europe and billions of euros in public investments which will result in thousands more kilometres of new cycling infrastructure, millions of new cyclists and growth in sales of bicycles and e-bikes.

As organisations that represent people who cycle and cycling industry businesses in Europe, respectively, ECF and CIE have enjoyed an excellent and impactful working relationship for ten years. CIE was created as an industry network supporting ECF from 2012 to 2018 and became an independent trade association in 2019, working on industrial development as well as EU advocacy for companies. Since then, the two organisations have played a leading role in elevating political support for cycling, as evidenced by the pandemic-related measures that have seen nearly €3.5 billion in public funding committed to cycling in Europe and have generated significant increases in cycling levels.

A new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between ECF and CIE will cover the period 2022-2024 and will see the two organisations collaborate on core advocacy work when their interests are aligned and work together on campaigns, on events and in the context of joint expert groups. CIE will also provide funding from its membership fees for ECF’s core work programme, which includes continuing to advocate for more and safer cycling and for increased political support and investment in cycling.

Henk Swarttouw, President of the European Cyclists’ Federation: “ECF’s collaboration with CIE proves that cycling advocacy can be particularly effective when the voices of cyclists and businesses are both making themselves heard by decisionmakers. We are delighted by the value CIE places on our advocacy work as the world’s leading cyclists’ organisation. The ongoing support of CIE helps us to strengthen the present movement towards more and better cycling for all, not only for the people who cycle in Europe and beyond, but also for the future of our planet.”

Tony Grimaldi, President of Cycling Industries Europe: “Growing levels of cycling in Europe needs outstanding advocacy at every level, from citizens and local businesses up to the EU institutions. CIE shows that companies have a powerful voice in advocacy and products that can change the way people move, but we also need influential civil society partners. Together with ECF and its members, we are a powerful team in delivering changes that will see cycling build on its current momentum.”

The MoU provides a framework for the two organisations to continue to collaborate in the pursuit of common strategic goals, which are aimed at cycling-enabling outcomes over the next decade such as:

  • Overall cycling levels to increase by 50%
  • 50 million European adults who prior to 2019 “rarely or never” cycled take up cycling
  • 100,000 km of new cycling infrastructure to be built in Europe
  • 15 new national cycling strategies to be adopted in the UNECE/WHO Europe region
  • An additional €15 billion for EU-funded cycling infrastructure projects, on top of national spending
  • Fiscal and financial incentives for cycle purchase and use to total €500 million per year in tax breaks, leasing support and new bike-sharing schemes
  • Bicycle and e-bike sales in Europe to grow to 30 million annually

The renewal of ECF and CIE’s fruitful cooperation is based on the common vision that cycling delivers multiple benefits for Europe and the world, and that organisations and institutions from the civil-society, business and public sectors need to work together to use the potential of cycling for all.


About the European Cyclists' Federation: With nearly 70 member organisations across more than 40 countries, the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) unites and represents cyclists' associations from across Europe. Our aim is to improve and increase cycling by influencing policy and harnessing the power of European cycling movements.

About Cycling Industries Europe: Cycling Industries Europe is the voice of cycling business, actively promoting the sector in Europe and worldwide. Our ambition is to reach out beyond the traditional definition of the cycling industry and align all business and commercial actors in a common mission to change the way people move.

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