17 May 2022

Industry and policy leaders in agreement at CIE 2022 Summit “We need a strong cycling industry to deliver the EU’s priorities”

Cycling Industries Europe (CIE) held its first live policy summit since the pandemic on Thursday with EU institutions joining industry leaders to debate the next steps for the industry and its role in the EU’s mobility, climate and industry strategies. The public event was preceded by a special CIE members’ day where industry experts set out the strategies needed to progress in areas such as supply chain, sustainability, intelligence sharing and growth markets such as cargo bikes and connected services.

Tony Grimaldi, President of CIE summed up the key messages saying: “We have a clear vision of what is possible, cycling can deliver so much for Europe in terms of climate, mobility, health and economics. Cycling Industries Europe has set out what we can offer Europe in terms of job creation and innovation, but there is a need to build an industrial ecosystem that is resilient to supply disruptions, is sustainable, connected, digitalized and attracts both talented employees and new investments. CIE accepts that challenge on behalf of all companies in the cycling sector, we have showed that together we will be stronger.”

Kevin Mayne, CEO of CIE set the scene by telling the audiences: “Cycling is unique. During the pandemic we showed that no other sector can transform urban mobility and leisure faster than cycling. If Europe wants to kick start the Green Deal and get out of Russian oil rapidly then cycling is the fast track.”  CIE’s recently reviewed strategy targets 50 million more cyclists in Europe, calling for €10billion investments in cycling infrastructure and safe streets. Mayne also acknowledged that the sector needs industrial backing from the EU, CIE’s strategy shows how the sector can become a strategically successful European leader, but needs support in areas such as the resilience and greening of supply chains.

These messages were echoed by all the high-level speakers and panels. “The bicycle is a small thing that addresses massive challenges” said Daniel Mes of the European Commission, following up by commenting that “this is not a hobby shop, it is important for these big issues that cycling is invested in”. He was joined in his messages by Mark Nicklas, Head of Unit of the Commission’s industrial directorate DG GROW, who recognised the growth of a strong cycling industrial base in Europe, delivering employment, and that they understood that the industry was being held back by supply chain challenges which have to addressed as part of an EU wide approach to resilience. Speaking on the need to get sustainable mobility priorities through the political processes of the EU Herald Ruijters, Director of DG MOVE at the European Commission said “We need a very strong cycling industry to make this happen”.

Introduced as an example for the whole sector French Government report “The economic sector of cycling in France” was introduced by French Parliament member Guillaume Gouffier-Cha, while Elke Van den Brandt, Minister of Mobility, Brussels capital region inspired the room with a keynote on transforming the host city of Brussels through cycling.

Companies took the lead in the CEO panel looking at strategic priorities and then led a thorough examination of the key challenges in mobility and industry panels. Showing how the industry is developing a complete ecosystem the CEO panel featured Ken Lousberg (SRAM), Ton Anbeek (Accell), Benoit Yameundjeu, (Fifteen), Leonhard von Harrach, (Tier/Nextbike) and Jaron Borensztajn (Cargoroo). Other panels with Swapfiets, Specialized, Beryl, Brompton, Accell, Thun and Decathlon looked forward to transformational challenges to improve access to cycling, to build cross-sector collaboration and to make progress on sustainability and resilience across the whole supply chain.

One delegate summed up the response of the audience “After an inspiring 2 days at the Cycling Industries Europe Summit speaking with policy makers from the European Commission and industry business leaders, I could not be more motivated and optimistic about the future growth of our industry.”

Photo gallery of the summit is available here.


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