28 Oct 2021

To celebrate Cycling industries Europe’s 3rd birthday we have launched our first membership survey. Since CIE was founded, we have strived to cultivate a united voice for our industry and put cycling at the core of the EU’s agenda – but there’s always room for improvement and now members have the opportunity to give us their feedback and suggestions.

Our ambition has been to reach out beyond the traditional definition of the industry as a bicycle and parts industry and align all business and commercial actors in a common mission. We are striving to change the way we move by working towards a modal shift to active mobility and cycling in line with EU’s commitment to become the first climate neutral continent by 2050.

Over the past three years we have worked closely with our members and we are very proud of the milestones that we have achieved to date some of the highlights being:

  • Executive Vice President of the EU Frans Timmermans becoming a main political champion for cycling in Europe
  • Puttingcycling on the EU Commission’s agenda - engaging with the EU  and other relevant stakeholders at every level from Transport Commissioner Adina Vălean through to high officials, policy platforms and working groups
  • Our coordinated advocacy work saw €1BN of covid related funds spent in 2020 by European cities and governments  on cycling
  • Winning €2bn funds for cycling infrastructure, premiums for e-bikes and bike sharing in the EU Recovery Plans for 2022-2024
  • Coordinating with partners to produce the first ever industry 10-year forecast showing sales growth to 30 million units per year by 2030
  • Contributed over €1 million to strength the vital work of EU/national consumer advocacy associations
  • Leadership during Covid-19 with members support program : business impact surveys, webinars, taskforce etc
  • The Women in Cycling Network was launched and has already achieved high visibility such as opening European Mobility Week with the Belgian Transport Minister
  • Cycling is becoming mainstream and is considered as a gamechanger of urban mobility with one city after another turning into a cycling city

Taking the survey should not take more than five minutes of your time. Please feel free to share with colleagues.

Have your say and take the survey here!

Thanks very much for your support already in advance.

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