26 May 2021

Are you a cargo bike manufacturer or distributor?

Help us analyse the trends and growth in the European cargo bike market by taking the 2021 European Cargo Bike Industry Survey here, closing on Thursday, 11 June 2021 at 15.00 CEST.

What is the European Cargo Bike Industry Survey?

In 2020, the CityChangerCargoBike (CCCB) project established the annual European Cargo Bike Industry Survey in order to analyse the trends and growth of the European cargo bike market. Now the 2021 edition is open for contributions and CIE is calling for all companies in the market to add their data to this important international survey. Manufacturer, importer or distributor, the more companies that take part the better quality the results will be.

With an astounding 60% growth in the European cargo bike market in 2019, how did the market develop in 2020? What can we expect for 2021? This information is not only invaluable for industry forecasting, it provides important input for governments and the EU about the potential for cargo bikes to revolutionise last mile deliveries in cities. This is driving a wide range of financial support for cargo bikes which can develop the market event further.

Based on the anonymized sales data provided by 38 cargo bike brands, the first EU-funded CityChangerCargoBike project published their key findings of the first European Cargo Bike Industry Survey.

2020’s survey found:

  • The respondents sold 17,800 cargo bikes in 2018,28,500 in 2019 and  predicted 43,600 in 2020. This meant that even at the peak of COVID lockdowns a trend of 60% per year growth was being maintained.
  • 7 of the 38 brands were newcomers, indicating no previous sales in 2018.
  • None of the 38 surveyed brands sold more than 5,000 cargo bikes in 2018 – 3 of which expected do so in 2020.
  • Private and commercial cargo bikes sales proved to be growing equally as fast – revealing their market shares remained nearly equal.
  • The majority of cargo bikes were sold with electric assist, indicating that their share of the market is increasing.
  • The share of cargo bikes without electric assist decreased from around 31% in 2018 to around 25% in 2019.


CityChangerCargoBike project (CCCB)anonymous online survey is conducted by Cycling Industries Europe, European Cycle Logistics Federation, cargobike.jetzt and Cracow University of Technology. CCCB project's mission and the aim of the survey is to demonstrate and fully exploit the huge potential of cargo bikes for sustainable transport in Europe. 

To receive the media release with the survey results register for the newsletter of Cycling Industries Europe (English) or cargobike.jetzt (German).

More about the survey and results of the previous survey can be found at www.cyclelogistics.eu/market-size.

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