18 Sep 2020

Give 10 minutes of your time for #MoreCycling in the EU.

The EU is consulting on its Sustainable Mobility Strategy and they want to hear from you.

Citizens, cities, researchers, businesses, associations – all are invited to contribute to the consultation about the priorities of the new strategy.

This public consultation has an impact on the next 10 years of EU policies, measures and funding and so influencing the policy is really important. Therefore your EU-based cycling associations are collaborating to encourage as many contributions as possible.

Now we need you.

We are making real progress in getting support for cycling into the forthcoming EU Green Deal and of course cycling has been the star performer in mobility during the COVID crisis. With this momentum we have the potential to lift our profile in many areas of EU policy and release new funds for cycling.

But for this consultation we have been told clearly that “numbers matter”. For cycling to be taken seriously as an EU issue we also need a strong community response in favour of cycling. If not, the EU will feel free to leave cycling to one side and concentrate all its resources on topics like electric cars and aviation. So your input is hugely important.

The questionnaire is a bit long and full of EU policy jargon, so we have identified just 10 questions in the survey that have to be answered by the cycling community for maximum impact, so we ask you for 10 minutes of your time to make an impact for cycling. Please act before Midnight on Wednesday 23rd September.

And not just you. Give this message to your friends, families, colleagues, customers and suppliers, because “Numbers matter”.

Thanks for supporting #MoreCycling in Europe.


Click here to access the survey

Click here for your EU associations guide to answering the survey.


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