24 May 2019

1. The cycling industry is going through a mind-blowing change. The sector is expanding from the traditional bicycle and parts industry to a digitalised, innovative and smart contributor to the new sustainable mobility. It is rapidly attracting a diversity of new sectors from bank leasing, bike sharing to taxation and playing a central role in shaping the future mobility system.

2. The European Commission sees cycling as key to sustainable mobility solutions and has  allocated and increased budget of €2 billion to the sector. As Matthew Baldwin, the Deputy Director of DG MOVE, said at the event: “Cycling is the cleanest mobility solution on wheels and best solution for air pollution and congestion in cities”.  

3. Ebike sales are skyrocketing and are anticipated to increase to a staggering 30 million units per year by 2030. For this to happen the industry needs to get united and organised, several issues linked to batteries and others need to be put in place.

4. We are entering a multi-billion-euro market with Mobility-as-a-Service expected to replace 2.3 billion private car journeys annually by 2023. We heard this from the European leaders in connected mobility (presentation by Piia Karjalainen, MaaS Alliance, ERTICO).

5. Impressively, in a company car leasing scheme bicycles outsold cars by 40% after just three years. The bike sector is increasingly entering business sectors that were previously exclusively for motorized vehicles.   











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