05 Sep 2023

CIE is launching a new study benchmarking bike sharing in 148 cities identified by the EU as leading the transition in urban mobility and climate change. From this study it is possible to give cities and policy makers the means to identify the potential for bike sharing to make a much-increased contribution to the EU’s mobility, climate and cycling policies, and to highlight key performance indicators for successful deployment of bike sharing.

This study is a valuable benchmarking guide for cities, regions and governments to consider if they are achieving the full potential of their bike sharing schemes. It is expected to contribute to the development of a cross-institutional agreement on cycling at EU level.

Join the experts on Tuesday, 26 September at 3PM CEST for this unique session and register now!

In this session, you'll learn about:

•    Who are the top-ranking cities in bike sharing in Europe?
•    What are the key performance indicators for successful deployment of
      bike sharing?
•    How to improve your city ranking?  

Session Panellists:

•    Isabelle Vandoorne, Deputy Head of Unit (DG MOVE), European
•    Kevin Mayne, CEO, Cycling Industries Europe
•    Kristian Brink, CEO, Urban Sharing
•    Andreia Lopes Azevedo, Project Manager and Coordinator Active
     Travel, POLIS
•    Climate Neutral Cities 
•    Top Ranking City Representative

Moderator: Caroline Van Renterghem, Impact and Public Affairs Director, Fifteen

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Interested in learning more about CIE’s Bike Share Expert Group? Contact us for more information. 

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