03 Feb 2023

As 2023 gets underway, Cycling Industries Europe is launching a new series of open webinars dedicated to showcasing innovation in exciting cycling industry segments.

First up: Cargo bikes! The potential to create various storage compartments and novel bike frames alone seems pretty endless. But our webinar will screen the innovation horizon beyond the cargo bike itself: we want to see how cargo bikes offer highly fertile ground for new types of services, from delivery to digital, and from financial to customisable.

Cargo bike entrepreneurs and supporters will be on hand to tell us about their solutions to make sure the potential of cargo bikes to transform urban mobility and logistics is fully exploited, and showcase the innovation behind cargo bike manufacturing, new sales’ models, transforming mindsets and facilitating ownership.

  • Getting you the cargo bike, when you need it: the shared cargo bike with Jaron Borensztajn, Co-Founder, Cargoroo
  • “EU Made” cargo bikes: designing, welding, painting and assembling cargo bikes to order in Poland, with Pawel Raja, Co-Founder, Urvis Bike
  • Changing the urban logistic mindset: training, advice and deliveries with Renaud Sarrazin, Co-Founder, Urbike
  • Making cargo bikes affordable, even when you can’t afford them: a new bike leasing model, with Thomas Schmidt, Sales, JobRad

CIE Cycling Innovation Network Webinars  are completely free and open to non-members. If you are curious about innovation in the cycling industry, the potential of cargo bikes or the transformation of urban logistics, this webinar is for you.

Tune in on 23 February at 16 CET for a 90 minute session dedicated to cargo bike innovation. Click here to register and get you ticket! 

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