25 Jan 2022

CIE/CONEBI Expert Group on CSR and Sustainability has set an ambitious agenda for 2022 with an aim to tackle important industry-wide challenges and to initiate pioneering initiatives and actions across the supply chain. This work is particularly timely with the EU bringing new, more stringent, environmental legislation and sustainability requirements.

The group has selected the following four priorities as focus areas for 2022:

  • Priority Group on Circular Economy with a key focus on an industry-wide initiative to reduce plastic packaging’s and eliminate unnecessary packaging from the supply chain. Also reviewing opportunities in recycled and recycling of aluminum and on how circular economy principles can support electrical component design and manufacture.

  • Priority Group on CO2 Footprint and LCA with a focus is on preparing step by step CO2 and LCA guidelines with an aim to set an industry-wide CO2 reduction goal.

  • Priority Group on Responsible Supply Chain with a focus on the role of cobalt in the supply chain, recycling and sourcing of raw materials found in batteries, due diligence, aluminium, and other critical raw materials.

  • Priority Group on Strategy with a focus on building an industry-wide strategy and collaboration with other initiatives and industries.

The group also regularly exchanges best practice and invites external experts to give updates on current hot topics to build knowledge and awareness. Regular updates are also shared with People for Bikes Sustainability working group.

Alexander Thun of Thun has just been nominated as the new Chair of the group, with Jaap Tuinstra of PON holding the role of Vice-Chair.

For more information and to join the group please contact Lauha Fried on L.Fried(at)cyclingindustries.com 

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