Cycling industries Europe is here!

12 Mar 2019

At last our ambitious plans for Cycling Industries Europe can go full steam ahead, because all the administrative procedures are complete, the staff team is appointed and the first activities can be announced.

Working with our board and with the support of our founding members we have a busy schedule to support the growth of cycling in Europe and to create a healthy and competitive business environment for all the industries that support our mission.

The EU Cycling Strategy says that it is possible to grow cycle use by at least 50% in the EU, to sell at least 50 million more electrically assisted cycles and to create over 200,000 new jobs in the cycling sector. Our job now is to start supporting that growth by gathering all the private sector actors in Europe together and leverage our business knowledge, our resources, our products and our technologies.

We are delighted to report that our plan to have a diverse group of founding members has already brought some very exciting new partners with expertise in multi-modal travel, transport strategies and planning, electric mobility, cycle logistics and bike sharing.

A big thank you to our partners the European Cyclists’ Federation who have supported the creation of CIE and hosted us during this transition period. They have also continued their outstanding advocacy work for cycling in the recent months, you can read about some of their successes that were supported by our industry donations here.

Also thanks to our founding members and our board who have been very patient in waiting for the official authorisations to be completed. Your support and advice have been invaluable.

On behalf of myself and our new colleagues (Lauha Fried, Policy Director; Ayse Sumer; Programme and Networks Manager) we look forward to working with you. 

- Kevin Mayne

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