19 Apr 2021

CIE’s Newest Expert Group, the Cycling Innovation Network, Launched 24 March

CIE’s newest expert group, the Cycling Innovation Network (CIN), launched March 24th with inspiring words from SRAM’s Founder, Investor Workshop and expert-led co-creation sessions.

CIN is a membership-led initiative, open to all companies of all sizes, which:

  • Supports and links SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs with partners such as clusters, investors and research centres
  • Promotes a culture of collaborative innovation
  • Advocates and improvesaccess to innovation, research and start-up funding
  • Showcases the growth potential for cycling’s innovations, new technologies and services
  • Builds relationships with supporting public bodies, associations and institutions that bring added value to our community

The event kicked off with a motivational one-on-one interview by Irene McAleese, Co-founder and CSO of See.Sense, with Stan Day, Founder and Chair of the Board of SRAM. Curious as to what Stan had to say? See the full interview here!

During the launch, Georgia Yexley, Head of Cities UK & Ireland at TIER and Co-founder of Loud Mobility, introduced CIN in a nutshell, as well as the group’s planned work series. She also highlighted, “Cycling is an innovation industry. If we look at all of the players, bringing new technologies forward, which are playing a vital role in the recovery of this pandemic.”

The investor’s workshop, moderated by Till Kraemer, Founder of bikebusinessHUB, included a discussion on the shared desire and vision for innovation within the cycling sector:

“We as investors are looking for the kind of growth that the cycling industry is experiencing. My contribution to the Cycling Innovation Network is to look at innovations from an investor perspective.” – Anders Hedgren, Senior Advisor at MCF Corporate Finance.

“The 'two-wheeler' is the simplest solution to the world’s most complex issues. The cycling industry needs to innovate faster and broader. The industry must extend its vision beyond the ‘two wheeler.’” – Edwin Heesakkers, Managing Director at EIT Urban Mobility – Innovation Hub West

Attendees then had the opportunity to participate in expert-led co-creation sessions, which served as a ‘taster’ for CIN’s upcoming workshops. From “Building a Winning Team and Best Practice Models” to “The Art of Pitching: Viewpoints as a Company & Investor” CIN has an exciting work series planned this summer:

May 12: Bridging academia & industry from cutting-edge research to practical support

June 9: Entrepreneur's journey: from the kitchen table to a successful and well-funded business

July: The art of pitching: viewpoints as a company & investor

September: Smart Pedal Pitch – Velo-city/CIE innovation competition

To be scheduled:

  • The Investors’ Panel: Where current and potential cycling investors meet
  • What’s next? New innovations and technologies
  • EU programmes for SMEs and innovators – what’s on offer?
  • Diversity in cycling business – broadening the base of company founders and leaders

Interested in joining the Cycling Innovation Network? Send us an email at communications[at]cyclingindustries.com and register for our next CIN Workshop here!

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