CIE’s new members - Widening the reach of cycling industries

12 Mar 2019

One of the significant ambitions of Cycling Industries Europe is to reach out beyond the traditional definition of the industry as a bicycle and parts industry and to make sure we align all business and commercial actors in a common mission.

Bringing together companies and experts from diverse fields like shared mobility, consultancy, digital services, logistics and financial services means our industries are better equipped to respond to changes in the market and legislation and promote all forms of cycling.

We already had a diverse group of supporters in our informal Cycling Industry Club, but the announcement that CIE is to become a full trade association for the sector has already brought an exciting and diverse range of new members.

Here’s a quick look at some of the new names:

  • From logistics and cargo biking we welcome logistics company Last Mile Manchester and cargo bike maker Douze Cycles. Both will be active in our new EU cycle logistics project where we will be working with 100 EU cities to show the potential of the cycling to keep city economies moving.
  • A new relationship is building with a group of consultancies who work in cycling as part of wider mobility consulting, bringing us knowledge of how public policy for cycling is developing. Mobycon is one of the leading Dutch mobility consultancy companies and Transport Futures is very active in future policy development.
  • Reflecting the increasing number of global companies that have recognised the importance of cycling in the future of mobility we are also joined by two large global companies and important brands who have entered our market. Uber is the multi-modal business who are parent company of Jump Bikes who operate electric bike sharing schemes and Uber Eats whose bicycle deliveries are an increasing part of the cycle logistics sector. Also legendary motorcycle brand Harley-Davidson has launched into the e-bike market and joins CIE to work with other companies in the sector to grow the market.
  • The Bicycle Association of Great Britain is the cycling industry association for the UK. They will bring a broad view of developing the cycling market and working with national governments in a similar role to CIE at the European level.

CIE President Tony Grimaldi welcomed the new members: I am proud to welcome to this exciting group of new members to CIE. We have said right from the conception of CIE that we want to be a broad movement that can influence all areas of EU policy and create a stronger industry, this is a really good start. We look forward to working with them all, and to welcoming many more new members in 2019.

To join CIE click here.

- Kevin Mayne

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