04 Feb 2020

CIE has welcomed more new members, who work on answering major challenges for the growth of the cycling sector through constant innovation. They are working on improving safety and comfort of cycling through Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and providing cycling solutions for last-mile delivery logistics. A European pioneer of the cycling industry has also come along for the ride, promoting sustainability, durability and innovation within parts manufacturing.


Connecting cycling to multimodal transport systems and showing the variety of its uses, e.g.: last-mile delivery, are crucial to increase the share of bicycles within urban mobility and hence help grow the sector. CIE is already actively working on this through for instance its Expert Groups on bike sharing and cargo bikes (soon to be launched), as well as the Bicycles and ITS-project.


All the companies who have joined CIE recently are excited to work together on growing the cycling sector in Europe and enhancing its role in the shift to smart and sustainable mobility.


Have a read on our new members below. You could be featured in our next new members’ welcome – simply join us! You can also take a look at our previous new member -stories.


Herrmans Bike Components Ltd – one of Europe’s leading parts manufacturers.


With 60 years of know-how of manufacturing technologies and continuous innovation, Herrmans Bike Components Ltd is a leading European manufacturer that develops, designs and manufactures durable and innovative lights, grips, chain guards, reflectors and rim tapes for the bicycle industry. With headquarters in Finland and offices and warehouse in Germany and Taiwan, Herrmans works closely with each individual customer worldwide. Their mission is to improve comfort, safety and enjoyability of cycling worldwide, which aligns with CIE’s commitment to achieve the EU Cycling Strategy goals. Herrmans also strive to reduce environmental impact from all their activities by implementing a responsible resourcing strategy.


Beeline – solving challenges of urban mobility through game-changing navigation technology.


Beeline is a London-based start-up that was born out of a goal to shift more journeys onto bikes by revolutionizing routing for cyclists through ITS. They have developed a deep understanding of the way cyclists ride, what makes good routes and the most effective way to guide them. The result? Game-changing navigation technology sending riders on the safest, most comfortable routes, through a combination of clever machine learning and in-ride feedback. With the ever-growing popularity of bikes globally, this accessible navigation has presented itself as a major solution to the problems facing urban mobility. Beeline is backed by Seedcamp, the European Space Agency, LCIF and True Capital.


StoreShippers – a new last-mile delivery solution for same-day delivery.

StoreShippers is a platform of sustainable same-day delivery companies that connects retailers with eco-friendly couriers. Their ambition is to roll-out urban sustainable logistics on a global scale to support global retailers and global market places. The company was founded in 2019 and is now actively building a partner network across Europe with eco-friendly couriers, especially bicycle couriers. At the end of 2020 this partner network should cover 65 cities across Europe and the USA. The StoreShippers team hopes to find new partners within the CIE and the soon-to-be-launched Logistics Expert Group for eco-friendly urban logistics and hopes to partner with manufacturers and service providers for a further professionalization of cycle logistics.

Aeris – bringing ITS-expertise into the cycling sector for improved last-mile logistics models.  

Aeris has over 25 years of experience in the internet of things (IoT), powering critical programs for some of the world’s most demanding users of IoT devices, multi-carrier mobile network access, and cloud-based applications. Aeris services are enabled by the broadest technology stack in the industry, supporting applications from consumer vehicles and commercial fleets to health-care devices, asset tracking, industrial control, and others. They believe the new last-mile logistics models emerging in Europe, e.g.: cargo-bike deliveries, represent an exciting opportunity for their IoT toolset to help fleet operators improve efficiency, safety, information flow, and transaction integrity, while helping vehicle manufacturers build valuable differentiation. Aeris look forward to collaborating with CIE’s members to help develop this field in the coming months and years!

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