CIE staff with ESAE award

27 May 2024

The CIE team is incredibly grateful to have received the ESAE - European Society of Association Executives Award for Impact as recognition of the impact of not just Cycling Industries Europe as a trade association but broader recognition of cycling as a key enabler to decarbonise our cities and improve quality of life!

We would like to warmly thank all our partners, especially European Cyclists Federation and Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry (CONEBI). Cooperation with other cycling associations, cities and regions maximized the impact and demonstrated the power of collaboration between business, civil society and governmental supporters. 

Cycling delivers immediate answers to the environmental, health and socio-economic challenges Europe is facing today. This is echoed in the recently adopted interinstitutional European Declaration on Cycling consists of 36 commitments from growing cycling and building new infrastructure to developing a world-class European cycling industry bringing 1 million new jobs and growth for Europe. 

This is an impact that all of us can enjoy – the faster we can accelerate the shift to sustainable mobility and cycling, the sooner we’ll be able to benefit from the results!

If you want to learn more about the action plan that Cycling Industries Europe members have presented to the new European Commission to promote cycling, read our manifesto here. The impact only begins now!

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