05 Sep 2022

Cycling Industries Europe is delighted to welcome three new members on board: Blubrake, VELLO, and Fusion Mobility Memmingen Institute. While, working on different products and topics within the cycling industry, these companies share the same passion and goal to bring cycling to the next level. Get inspired by learning more about our new members below and find out reasons why you should join CIE too! More details about joining can be found here.



Blubrake aims to ease the transition towards greener means of transportation by making it smarter, safer and more accessible to everyone.  

Since its foundation in 2015, the company focused on developing braking control solutions for light electric vehicles with a view to generating IP. This bought to the launch of the first and only frame-integrated ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) for e-bikes and the only ABS for e-cargo bikes on the market. 

The ABS drastically reduces the risk of accidents linked to braking, making bicycles safer and allowing cyclists to rely on the same safety technologies every motorist can trust. 

Blubrake is currently on the market with its Second-Generation ABS for e-bikes and e-cargo bikes, that respect to Generation 1 ABS saw a 65%-dimension reduction and that can be found integrated in the ranges of several leading e-bike manufacturers.



VELLO is a producer of functional, lightweight and stylish mobility products designed in Austria. Combining innovative technologies and signature designs, it entered the market with folding bikes made for cyclists offering an uncompromising riding experience. 

In 2015, VELLO bike received the highest distinction in the design world, the Red Dot Award “best of the best,” followed in 2017 by the European Product Design Award, the Good Design and in 2019, the Austrian Design Award and German Federal Prize for Ecodesign. VELLO was awarded the German Sustainability Award for Design in 2022.


Fusion Mobility Memmingen Institute

Fusion Mobility Memmingen Institute (FMMi) is an international researchers network focusing on sustainable integrated mobilities where active mobility will be prioritised. Introduced in 2017, Fusion Mobility (FM) is a systemic model towards smart transformational change that helps to overcome unsustainable fractioning of mobility subsystems and enables sustainable development to meet the targets of the European Green Deal (EGD). Hence, by FM research and advice, cycling starts playing a systemic key role to boost the development of sustainable mobilities. Or in other words: It’s not longer the little underdog, but playing a central role in future mobilities, heavily needed to help fulfilling the ambitious roles of the EGD in times of global warming and many other global crises.

The FMMi network members are mainly working at universities, institutes or independently, and are based in Europe or also beyond.

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