27 Nov 2020

We are delighted to welcome Dott, Continental, Cycle Data, ONO, and VTI (Swedish Cycling Research Centre) on board of Cycling Industries Europe. Again, CIE has been growing and expanding its reach further with inspiring companies working on forward-looking innovations joining our community. We warmly welcome all new members on board and are excited to start working together.

Find out more about our new members below and get inspired and find out reasons why you should join CIE too! More details about joining can be found here.

Dott – sustainable rides for all

Dott is a European micro-mobility provider. The mission of Dott is to free our cities with clean rides for everyone through micromobility and to make it accessible for everyone. Headquartered in Amsterdam, with local offices around Europe, Dott is dedicated to building sustainable solutions for how we all get around. Dott currently operates over 30,000 e-scooters in 15 selected cities in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Poland and will launch it's proprietary E-bike product, designed in Amsterdam and manufactured in Portugal, in early 2021.

Dott has made ecological excellence the priority of its corporate development. By means of CO2 compensation, the company has already been climate-neutral since January 2019. In 2020, the company even reduced its carbon footprint by 56% compared to the previous year.

Small ride. Big change.

Continental – making mobility cleaner, safer, more intelligent and affordable for everyone

More than 100 years’ experience in the development and production of bicycle tires has made Continental a unique company within the industry. Continental is the only German bicycle tire manufacturer to produce its tires in Germany. As a global player, Continental also maintains high-tech production facilities outside of Germany. One thing all Continental bicycle tires have in common is that they are developed in the technology center in Korbach, Germany, where they also undergo strict inspection. With revolutionary technologies such as the unbeatable BlackChili compound the company is a leading influencer in the international industry.

Cycledata – providing you with high-quality actual data of vehicles on cycle paths

In order to take the right decisions, municipalities and provinces need reliable data about cycling behaviour and the cycling flows of the inhabitants in their region. Cycledata has responded to this issue by developing the Signum, which is a contactless bicycle counter measuring system  generating high-quality actual data of vehicles on cycle paths. This is done without any application of algorithms and with an accuracy of more than 95%, even during peak hours! You can gain insight into how many vehicles are travelling on the cycle path in which direction, at what speed and at what time. With the Signum you can have measurements taken at any (semi-)permanent bicycle counter location. All Signums are powered by solar panels.

ONO – trailblazing emission-free transportation of goods within cities

ONO (ONOMOTION GmbH) aims to create new and purposeful solutions that better our communities and inspire people around the world to transform urban mobility.

ONO empowers its team to create and implement these needed innovations that connect communities, businesses, and individuals. They offer a whole new category of urban vehicles, starting with the ONO Pedal Assisted Transporter, built with and for the customer, for maximum efficiency in the last mile of delivery and enjoyment, safety and comfort for the driver.

Founders Beres SeelbacH, Murat Günak, and Philipp Kahle have over 30 years of electric mobility experience combined. Beres founded his first e-mobility solutions company, Lautlos, at the age of 24. Murat is the former head of design for both Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz and also co-founded the electric car manufacturer mia electric, and Philipp is a light-electric vehicles expert and his experience includes developing charging infrastructures.

Swedish Cycling Research Center(Cykelcentrum) – establishing long-term interdisciplinary research and co-operations

The Swedish Cycling Research Centre (Cykelcentrum) is hosted by the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI). The administration of the national knowledge centre for research and education on cycling was commissioned to VTI by the Swedish government in 2018. In co-operation with other researchers, interest organisations and governmental bodies, VTI works on establishing long-term interdisciplinary research and co-operations as well as connecting research to the actual problems that the stakeholders (e.g. municipalities) struggle with to make cycling safer and more attractive.

VTI is an independent and interdisciplinary research institute in the transport sector. The institute is an assignment-based authority under the Ministry of Infrastructure with about 200 employees. The institute has a broad competence profile and carries out applied research and development in relation to all modes of transportation. Knowledge developed by the institute provides a basis for decisions made by stakeholders in the transport sector. 

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